Kylie – “I need to go feral”

3 11 2007


In her latest interview with Q magazine Kylie has confessed a secret desire to “go feral”, saying that if she ever gave up her successful pop career she’d pack her bags and go travelling with friends.

“I would love to have a backpack and just go, I’m thinking about it but I’m a little snowed under right now.  I need to go feral!  What you don’t realise is I actually am like that in certain situations.  We have a holiday farmhouse in Australia, and it’s all about gumboots, flies and barbecues and there’s only one store.  I love it.”

Kylie also discusses how she feared she was going to die after being diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer in May 2005.  “I was upset, angry and terrified.  I thought, `Well, this is quite unbelievable, is this really happening?’  Was I thinking, `That’s it, I’m going to fall off my perch’? Oh yes. Yeah, yeah, yeah.”

Despite her fears, Kylie never thought about giving up her pop career.  “I didn’t think that, I’ve already had visions about the next tour.  Touring is the ultimate for me.  Doing photo sessions, videos, I’m not as excited, my patience has gone down.  I think it’s about rationing my energy.”

Kylie explains that she has tried to cut down her work hours and is looking forward to moving on to a new phase in her life after she turns 40 next year.  “I’m not scared of turning 40, I joke about it with my girlfriends and I think it’s gonna be quite liberating and I’m looking forward to the liberation.  I’ve always heard through the years, as a woman, 40 is when you really come into your own and I think it’s happening.”




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