Kylie’s Pop Princess Nightmare

17 11 2007


During an interview on  DJ Jamie Theakston’s Heart breakfast show, Kylie revealed, “There are definitely days when I really just wanna run away and live a different life because this one’s been so intense, since I was a teenager.

“I’ve lived the dream but some days it’s more like a nightmare, but … I have (lived the dream), so I will either keep living the dream and modify that to suit my life and whatever I end up doing.  I would like to think I could run away and then come back to the dream. That would probably be the best thing to do.”

Kylie also said that stories about her wanting to adopt were “out of control” but did add, “The fact is I don’t make a lot of noise about that because it’s a personal thing.  When I’m asked, ‘Do you think you’ll have a family in the future, or would you like one?’ Of course I say ‘Yes, I’d love to’.”

When asked about Dannii’s role as a judge on X-Factor Kylie replied, “She’s so overqualified for the job really because she’s been performing since she was about seven and she’s the only one on that panel, they all have their talents but she’s the only one there who knows what it’s like to get up and perform, especially under pressure or you’re not feeling well, or you’re nervous. And she’s opinionated, which is important when you’re amongst that kind of company”.

Kylie also sent out a message of support to Theakston’s mother, who was diagnosed with breast cancer two months ago.




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