White Diamond TV Premiere

20 11 2007


On Sunday 25th November at 8.00pm, Channel 4 will screen the TV première of Kylie’s docu-movie White Diamond. Filmed between August 2006 and March 2007, White Diamond follows Kylie through the resurrection of her Showgirl tour – originally abandoned halfway through when she was diagnosed with breast-cancer.

The 2 hour movie filmed by “gay husband” William Baker shows the triumphant reactivation of the Showgirl tour – now entitled Showgirl Homecoming – which was reworked to be, in Kylie’s words, “Light and free, an expression of joy but also incorporating a bit of what I did years ago with Impossible Princess, where alongside the sparkle and glitz there’s a part of the show that’s a little deeper than that. It won’t necessarily be bigger, bigger doesn’t always mean better, it’s just going to be evolved. If Showgirl was a teenager, Homecoming is a lady.”

At the beginning of the movie William suggests that, “For most people, Neighbours, Michael Hutchence, gold hot-pants and cancer equals Kylie.” His goal for the movie; “To rip that surface away.”


Listen to the White Diamond Trailer

White Diamond is out on DVD with the Homecoming concert on 10/12/07



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