Heather Mills Reduced To Tears By Kylie

7 01 2008


According to todays newspapers Heather Mills was reduced to tears after seeing Kylie performing a sexy duet with estranged husband Paul on New Year’s Eve. Friends of Mills say she was furious when she saw Kylie ‘flirting’ with her husband and lying on top of a grand piano while singing his solo song ‘Dance Tonight’ alongside Sir Paul.

“She’s really mad about the way Paul got close to Kylie, she reckons he did it on purpose and feels it was a deliberate public dig at her.” one friend told The Sunday Mirror.   “She thinks he’s just trying to prove a point, that he’s moved on and is comfortable around other women. She was so hurt she burst into tears.”

Sir Paul and Kylie were special guests on the BBC2 program, Jool’s Holland annual Hootenanny.  At the end of their duet, Sir Paul gave Minogue a big hug, lifting her off the ground as they embraced.

“Heather was seething, seeing his flirting as an attempt to humiliate her,” Mills’ unnamed friend told the newspaper.  “She thinks he’s kidding himself if he thinks he’d stand a chance with Kylie anyway.”

But friends of Sir Paul say he is genuinely fond of Kylie and admires her recent fight against breast cancer.   “Paul really admires Kylie, he has an affinity with her.” one friend told the newspaper.  “The way she coped with cancer with dignity reminds him of Linda.  She’s the complete opposite to Heather.”




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