Kylie Not Alone

17 01 2008

Kylie has made no secret of her wish to start a family, so it was no surprise she couldn’t resist cuddling this baby on a visit to a children’s hospital in Sydney.  Kylie made time for the hospital stop between a string of interviews to promote her new album ‘X’.  A spokeswoman for Kylie told the press, “Kids who hadn’t smiled in ages had a smile on their face as soon as they saw her.” Kylie said that it was the least she could do before jetting off to Los Angeles to begin promoting her new album and tour.

During her stay in Australia, the star, who has long expressed her desire to have children of her own, revealed she is dating again following her highly-publicised split from French actor Olivier Martinez early last year.  Talking on Australian morning TV programme ‘Sunrise’ Kylie explained, “I enjoy dating, so I’m not totally alone. Don’t worry about it.”

But she’s not rushing into any serious relationships just yet, “It’s not that long ago that I came out of my last relationship.  A year had gone by really quickly with me running out of illness and trying to just embrace health as much as possible.  I haven’t really had that much time to sit and feel like, ‘where’s Mr Right?’ I’m sure he’s making his way.”

And her lists of wants in a new man? “Top of my list is charisma and I would like him to be creative.”




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