Kylie’s Perfect Legs!

17 01 2008

A recent study has found that the average 5’4” woman would need shapely 30½” long legs to reach perfection. However, very long legs are not necessarily better because the study showed that those with an extra 10% were actually rated as less attractive.

The findings could explain why Kylie, despite being only 5ft tall, regularly tops polls of the “Best Celebrity Legs”. Although her legs are petite, they are proportionally long compared with her small frame, reports this months ‘New Scientist’ magazine.

Polish researchers at Wroclaw University asked 218 male and female volunteers to rate, in order of attractiveness, seven silhouettes of a man and woman. Although the images were the same height, each had different leg lengths. The most attractive were judged to be those with legs that were five per cent longer than average. Dr Boguslaw Pawlowski, who led the study, said that long legs also signal signal health.

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