Kylie Not Worried By Sales

19 01 2008


After months of debate by both the press and fans over how Kylie’s latest album ‘X’ should sound, it was perhaps inevitable that on it’s release not everybody would be pleased with the result.  Some wanted a return to the lyrical depths of ‘Impossible Princess’, while others were hoping for a more ‘traditional Kylie’ sounding pop album after the departure of her previous studio album ‘Body Language’.

In a recent interview for ‘The Daily Telegraph’ Kylie revealed her take on the albums reception, her vision for the upcomming tour and her feelings about those now infamous ‘leaked’ tracks.


Faced with the criticism that the tone of the album was suprisingly light after her recent health scare, Kylie admitted she was confused by the reviews and reactions. “It did make me question it, but my conclusion is that if I’d done an album of personal songs it would have been seen as ‘Impossible Princess II’ and have been equally critiqued.  I’m not saying that the people who’ve done the critiquing are wrong and I’m right, but part of me feels it’s underestimating what it is to go through something like that, and what it’s been like for me to go through something like that.

“For this album, I didn’t want every song to be about being ill. I wanted to do what I do, which is mostly feelgood music. I think the three songs of that personal nature, ‘Stars’, ‘No More Rain’ and ‘Cosmic’, are three more than there were on the past few albums.

“When I first got into the studio, of course I wrote some things about where I’d been, and thankfully they’ve not been leaked on the internet.”

Some tracks however were leaked onto the internet, several months before the album was due for release.  It was suggested in the press that it was in fact a record company ploy to see how fans reacted to the tracks, but this is something that both the record company and Kylie have strongly denied.

“A lot of those songs were just demos.” Kylie explained. “I see these kids making videos for them and putting them up on-line and I’m going, ‘No! That’s not right! Those songs aren’t finished!’  I think any artist would be annoyed with that. It wasn’t just the trust factor of the leaks – because none of us really knows how it happened – but it takes up everyone’s time trying to work out what went on. Still, it was a lesson learnt.”


The unexpected sound of the ‘Kish Mauve’ penned first single ‘2 Hearts’ has divided opinion among fans, and industry insiders have blamed it for the so far disapointing album sales.  Kylie however isn’t worried, “Throughout my career on many occasions I’ve done songs or had images that push the envelope and then that becomes the norm.” she explained.

“So for people to go, ‘Oh, that’s out of the ordinary’, well, it kind of isn’t. I’m not a controversial artist. I mean, looking back leaving Neighbours was something, and then at that time putting out a record. Of course, now we all think, ‘Oh, another Neighbours person putting out a record’, but no one had done that at the time.”

Her latest tour ‘Kylie X 2008’ kicks of in May and she is keen to concentrate on new tracks and to reflect the electro style of the new album.  “It’s more like how the ‘Fever’ tour was, a real album promotion.  ‘Showgirl’ was an album tour, but it was a greatest-hits album, ‘Homecoming’ was more of the same. So this tour is going to feel very fresh for me. I can’t wait.”  Creative director William Baker and musical director Steve Anderson have remained on board, but everything else will change. “It’ll be an all-new band. A lot of things are changing.” said Kylie.  “We’re all ready for it.”

So far an Australian leg to the tour has not been confirmed, but Kylie admitted, “No doubt it will happen.  I’m sure everyone’s wary of overloading me when I haven’t even gone into rehearsals yet. The last thing I would want to do is have people buy tickets and me not make it like last time. That sounds dramatic, but I need to take one step at a time.”




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