Kylie Reunites With Ex

29 01 2008

sheba kylie

Almost a year after splitting, Kylie has reunited with her ex fiancé Oliver Martinez – and his dog Sheba – while on a trip to Paris. She was spotted walking his Rhodesian ridgeback yesterday and onlookers say the former lovers later met up in Yves St Laurent before heading off to the Café de Flore.

Kylie has described the dog as the ‘love of her life’ and there’s no doubt she holds a great deal of affection for Sheba. She said recently, “I did love his dog Sheba, she was the love of my life.  She was very important during my treatment – there were many long hugs on the sofa.”

The couple separated in February last year amid reports the French actor had cheated on Kylie following her breast cancer ordeal, earning him the nickname “Le Rat”.

Kylie, who will turn 40 in May, has regularly denied claims the pair had rekindled their romance. She said in October, “I think he has a girlfriend, I’m not entirely sure.” She also revealed she wasn’t ready to be friends with the star, telling Glamour magazine, “I don’t like confrontation. You can be civil and friendly but to have a proper friendship, you need to allow a certain amount of time to pass.”

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