Kylie In ‘Woman & Home’

4 02 2008

Kylie graces the cover of this month’s ‘Woman & Home’ magazine looking absolutely beautiful.  Inside, across an 8 page spread, Kylie talks about the inspirations for her soon to be released bedding range ‘Kylie At Home’.

When asked what has inspired the new range, Kylie explains, “Travels and vintage finds, mainly.  I was totally hands-on with the design. I invited the design team to my home and walked and talked them through some of my favourite design and furnishing elements of my place.  I collated a lot of photo references of all kinds of things, including a lot of fashion.

“My grandmother, Nain, taught me how to pattern-cut and sew from the age of about 13.  I used to go to the market and haul back all sorts of fabrics and trims, and make my own clothes.  She was, and is, so inspiring, and she will be so happy to know of this collection.  To this day, I have adored fabrics, trims, the look and feel of them, the way they catch the light and work together… it’s a thrill to see this history of mine and my love of fashion coming together with my love for home.”

And what does the lady herself like to do to relax?  “I love to have a bath with beautiful, relaxing music on and have no rush to do anything.  It’s a wonderful indulgence and it helps me to calm down and stop my mind running overtime.  My bed is incredibly comfortable and a great luxury is to get back into it with a morning coffee… mmm!”

Kylie chose ‘Ashley Wilde Group’, an all women team, to help design her new range.  Here’s a selection from the upcomming collection;

‘Kylie At Home’ will be available from John Lewis and Debenhams, and is set to launch in March of this year.




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