Kylie Showtime – Press Release

14 03 2008

The spotlights blaze, the music swells, there is electricity in the air… the world is your stage. It’s Showtime!

All the tingling excitement of showtime captured in a dazzling new fragrance that’s the essence of fun and excitement. The exuberant, playful side of Kylie Minogue bursting onto the stage. A unique, vibrant, mesmerising distillation. An invitation to do your own thing in Kylie’s inimitable, star-spangled style.

Showtime Eau de Toilette. A striking, feminine, lingering, fruity-floral scent for a free-spirited woman who loves life, sensuality and seduction. A tantalizing cocktail of wild strawberry, loganberry and blackcurrant leads into an armload of roses, blue freesias, lilacs and tiare flowers spiked with sweet liquorice. All beautifully balanced on magnetic notes of rosewood, white musk and a praline-vanilla accord.

Showtime Eau de Toilette

Showtime Eau de Parfum. A sweeter, more voluptuous, fruity-oriental take on the Showtime theme, accentuating its sensuality and magnetism. The top note sings with cranberry, strawberry and blackcurrant, with the harmony supplied by powdery heliotrope while balsamic, iridescent notes pick up the liquorice beat – culminating on the rich notes of creamy toffee, exotic wood and vetiver.

Showtime Eau de Parfum

The Showtime bottle is a sparkling fusion of a discoball and a precious jewel. Original and contemporary, it evokes the magic and excitement of international nightlife. Light gleams from the multiple facets, adding extra allure in bright pink tones. The Eau de Toilette box is distinguished by its rich pink colour struck by stage lights. As for the Eau de Parfum box, it captures and reflects the bright spotlights – the perfect background to set the stage for the Showtime name emblazoned across the front.

All the sizzle of Showtime sparkles in the campaign made for print and TV. Kylie wows us from a dazzling stage, setting the upbeat mood for Showtime.

Showtime. A fragrance designed to dazzle with all the brilliance and vitality of Kylie Minogue. Two versions to make the world your stage. A fruity-floral Eau de Toilette by day. And a fruity-oriental Eau de Parfum by night.

The Showtime Range

Eau de Toilette, 15ml, 30ml, 50ml, 75ml
Eau de Parfum, 30ml
Sparkling Shower Cream, 200ml
Sparkling Body Lotion, 200ml
Perfumed Deodorant, 150ml
Natural Spray Deodorant, 75ml

Lotion & Deodorant




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