More Wedding Rumours!

28 03 2008

After yesterdays rumours that Kylie is to marry French actor Olivier Martinez, is now claiming that Kylie will begin her honeymoon in Sofia, Bulgaria on May 18th.

The site also claims that according to an un-named source, Kylie has chosen the date of May 12th to marry Olivier based on the advice of experienced astrologers who claim that this is a good date for romantic commitments.

However, Jarda Hainzel who was quoted in the original article stating that Kylie was to announce her marriage during her Czech concert, has since released a statement to clarify his comments;

“When contacted by local media regarding the Kylie concert in Prague, I commented that the number of requests for tickets for this show was more than normal, which I take as an indication of Kylie’s popularity in Czech Republic. 

“At no stage did I speculate on Kylie’s personal relationships or on any announcement she may or may not make on the night.   We do believe this will be a special show, as it is Kylie’s first concert in our country, and I am very much looking forward to meeting her, however we have no reason to believe there is to be any special announcement during the concert.”




2 responses

28 03 2008
Samara Vanegas

I don’t think she would announce wedding plans on her tour, but whatever if she does that’s cool too! I love Kylie!

29 03 2008
Lost In Limbo

I can’t imagine that Kylie would have time to plan a wedding in the middle of a tour!

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