Kylie Begins Assault on US

1 04 2008

Kylie began her assault on the US market yesterday with an appearance on ‘The Today Show’ in New York.  She is also booked to appear on ‘Dancing With The Stars’, ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’ and ‘The Late Late Show’ to promote today’s US release of her album current album ‘X’.

During her 20 year carear, Kylie has only managed to notch up two top ten hits in the US — ‘The Locomotion’ in 1988 and ‘Can’t Get You Out Of My Head’ in 2002. A source close to Kylie told today’s Sun newspaper, “It eats away at Kylie that she’s never hit the big time there.  She has tried before and it didn’t happen. But being the kind of determined person she is, she’s giving it one more go.”

US viewers yesterday praised Kylie’s ‘Today Show’ appearance after hearing her speak honestly about her recent breast cancer battle, revealing, “I’m feeling great. It’s something that’s always with me and on my mind. But you get up and carry on.  My diagnosis was almost a blessing in disguise because it came as I was mid-flight on tour. That’s why I wanted to get back on track — it was an incredible goal to have to get back on stage.”

Kylie then discussed why she has struggled in the States, revealing, “It’s a notoriously difficult market. To know where I fit within that market is very difficult.”

During a newspaper interview in the States Kylie also admitted she may never get married and have kids, explaining, “Maybe it’s not the life for me.”

You can check out Kylie’s appearance on ‘The Today Show’ HERE.



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