Kylie Makes Video For ‘All I See’

18 04 2008

Although there was no official video planed for this release, Kylie shot a video herself with stylist William Baker as a direct result of fan requests. Keep reading to see the result.

After the video was released on-line, Kylie posted the following message to her fans on her official website :

I hope you liked the little ‘All I See’ video we did especially for you! I managed to squeeze in three hours filming at the end of a long day’s shooting for the show. Very low-fi, just Willie and Marco (one of my dancers) and a white backdrop. And, as I always say…’When in doubt, apply more glitter!’. Girl can’t get enough of a glitter drop!

As all my time seems to be taken up with elaborate and difficult rehearsals it was fun to do something simple and spontaneous. Back to the studio now and I will check in with you again before May 6th!

Love Kylie x




6 responses

18 04 2008

Kylie looks gorgeous as usual but I’m not too krazy with the video, I kind of was expecting a video like WoW or In My Arms but I guess All I See isn’t that type of song, i don’t know I was just wanting a really cool video, it’s alright I guess, love Kylie, love the song but I’m not sure about the video.

18 04 2008

Amazing song… crap video… shame… they ruined it… someone get this women a new manager!

19 04 2008
Mark Varner

I disagree, respectfully. I think this is complementary to the other vids in the X family and I do like it. Kylie looks wonderful. Love the curly blonde look. Also the video features Marco Da Silva (correct?) who is awesome! Great to see Kylie in a working relationship with him after the dancing he’s done on tour with her.

19 04 2008

Cut ‘er some slack folks. Let ‘er branch out and try something different for a change. She’s probably tired of being the “pop diva” that most have come to expect her to be. I personally have no problem with the vid. It’s different from her norm. That’s called artistic growth folks. Also, (and I’m not saying this won’t be a hit) not all artists can have a hit all the time every time. There WILL be some “duds” now and then. I don’t think this is one of those but that’s just -my- opinion. Your mileage most certainly will vary.

19 04 2008

I quite like this video, its so simple. Kylie looks beautiful in it as usual! Loving her hair, it looks like marilyn monroe style. 🙂

16 05 2008

I love the video!!!

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