Perez Premieres New Kylie Mix

21 04 2008

Perez Hilton has continued his efforts to promote Kylie in the US by premiering a new mix of ‘All I See’ on his blog.

Perez wrote :

This is the perfect music to lounge to by the pool as you sip a delicious beverage of chilled water with a slice of lemon. Booze has calories, and we ALL have to look fabulous by 4th of July.

We’ve got our grubby little hands on a delicious “chill-out” version of Kylie’s All I See.

It’s “Mark’s Sleazy Club Redux Mix” and it’s the bombity.

Soak it up below!

All I See – Mark’s Sleazy Club Redux Mix



4 responses

21 04 2008

This remix is fantastic! Love every version I have heard of All I See! This song has been playing in my house since X came out last year! Love it! Love it! Love it!

22 04 2008
Dani Cotton

Can’t wait to hear it! Also can’t wait to see Kylie in August in London!

25 04 2008

It’s a very good song and can’t wait to see Kylie in June in Berlin!

3 05 2008

That’s a wonderful remix! Very relaxing and in tune with the lyrics of the song!

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