Kylie in Numero Magazine

26 04 2008

Kylie appears in the May addition of French magazine Numero styled by Jean Paul Gaultier and looks absolutely phenomenal.

A tag on one of the pictures reads:

It is our own Jean Paul Gaultier who has the honor to dress the tiniest of big names in pop, the sparkling Kylie Minogue. On the eve of the European tour for her latest album X, the Australian singer unveils three costumes.

Whether these costumes will actually appear in the show remains to be seen.




3 responses

26 04 2008

Wow, she looks kind of scary! but cool!

26 04 2008

That first picture with the white over her face looks creepy but the others are very cool!

27 04 2008

The last picture of her, wearing the black with chains, is what she wore to DWTS (Dancing With The Stars). If she is wearing it for her tour I’d of thought she would of at least changed it a bit. appart from that she looks glamorous! Its gonna be hard singing through the white one!

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