Kylie On The Move Again?

27 04 2008

After last weeks newspapers reported that Kylie was buying herself a £3 million Sussex mansion, ‘Yahoo Lifestyle’ has today claimed that she is upping sticks and moving to New York.

According to the online magazine, after spending time in the US recently promoting her current album X, Kylie has shocked even her closest friends by telling them, “I’m moving to New York!”

The magazine goes on to claim that although Kylie has always enjoyed visiting New York her move has less to do with the city itself, and more to do with the fact that she thinks she’ll find a husband there.

An unnamed ‘close friend’ told Lifestyle, “When she was in New York launching her album, she met two very eligible bachelors who both asked her out and were seriously interested in dating her. Kylie hasn’t had a decent dinner date in London since she broke up with Olivier Martinez more than a year ago, so to meet two guys in just a few days was amazing.

“They were introduced to her by mutual friends on different nights, and she’s still in touch with both of them. Being in New York made her feel sexy and desirable again. She doesn’t want to look in France or Italy because another European guy would just remind her of Olivier. Her mind is made up that New York is the place to find her soul mate!”

Another unnamed ‘close friend’ added, “She is such a fantastic and vivacious woman, it just doesn’t make any sense that she’s still single. She’s had some serious boyfriends over the years, but they all turned out to be duds. If moving to New York is what it takes, then I think that’s what she should do.

“I’ll miss having lunch with her in Notting Hill – but I’ll certainly look forward to drinking Cosmopolitans with her in Manhattan!”

By the looks of it, if nothing else, Kylie needs to find herself some more discrete ‘close friends’.



One response

27 04 2008

I’d love to see her move to the States but I doubt she will, if she did move here I don’t think it would be because of a man.

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