Kylie Receives Top French Award

5 05 2008

Kylie was presented with one of Frances highest cultural awards, the ‘Chevalier dans L’ordre des Arts et Lettres’ (Knight in the Order of Arts and Letters) at a ceremony in Paris earlier today.

Kylie was presented with the prestigious award by Christine Albanel, the French Minister of Culture and Communications.

After being presented with the award Kylie said, “This is an exceptional moment for me. I feel so grateful that I have had so many moments in my life that I have experienced and loved that are thanks to this country and the people here.”

I have done my best in translating the speech that Christine Albanel gave. Apologies if it’s not spot on.

“I am particularly pleased to welcome you today to the Ministry of Culture and Communication, in the city of Paris that you love so much and where you choose to open your new world tour. Your many French admirers welcome this choice and I have no doubt they also welcome this appointment.

“Princess of pop, undisputed queen of the dance floor, you are like a Midas of the international music scene, transforming everything you touch to gold, even hotpants! A bronze statue in your hometown of Melbourne, a silver bathing suit for a major ready-to-wear brand, it is not at all suprising to find so many precious metals in the wake of a true alchemist of music. Dance, pop, rock, funk, electro, since you started you have revisited styles and eras with energy, freshness and sensuality.

“You have played many parts – innocence in your debut in the Australian series Neighbours, tragic in your sublime ballad with Nick Cave, explosive in the video which immortalized the golden hotpants which I spoke of a moment ago. Sophisticated in your album Fever, which marked your great comeback on the international scene, and finally unbridled sensuality in your latest album, X.

“Despite all that you are far from a cold unreal icon of perfection, you seduce people with your natural simplicity. Even though it is not part of your body most often praised by the media, you have a huge heart.

“In France the heart also refers to courage and I want to acknowledge the courage that you have shown in publicly revealing that you were suffering from breast cancer three years ago. In doing so, you promoted awareness. Some doctors even talk of a ‘Kylie effect’ which has encouraged young women to go for regular screening.

“Your many faithful fans never ceased to support you during that painful ordeal, which you have emerged from more radiant than ever. It is also through this that we recognize the unconditional love of your audience, which is a natural response to the sincere generosity of an artist.

“Returning to the stage, your stage, each of your appearances is a small moment of grace. Your concerts are real performances, the choreography finely chiseled. They show the extent of your talent and agility. Huge feathers, high heels, nothing is too much trouble for your audience. I am confident that our great designer Jean-Paul Gaultier will offer new dramatic transformations for your tour. I also trust the photographers Pierre et Gilles will capture the magic of these moments.

“I do not want to forget to acknowledge our fellow countryman, the great imaginary Michel Gondry. He created the video for your single Come into my world, a video virtuoso, where the maestro reveals no less than five Kylie Minogues! Your fans can thank him!

“The way you dress, you immortalize France, France takes care of you… and France inspires you! Love our country and our country loves you. The audience will prove that once again tomorrow evening, during your performance at Bercy. Thank you, dear Kylie, we await the premiere of your new show.

Kylie Minogue, on behalf of the Republic, we present to you the award of Chevalier dans l’ordre des Arts et des Lettres.”




2 responses

5 05 2008

Congratulations to Kylie!

5 05 2008

Well done Kylie! She always trys to make an effort to say a bit in their language! She totally deserves this. I love her in the third picture at the bottom.. pose for the camera!

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