KYLIEX2008 Tour First Look

7 05 2008

Kylie kicked off her X2008 tour in Bercy, Paris last night and from the pictures that have emerged so far it looks absolutely amazing. I’ll add the setlist and clips to the tour section as they become available, but for now keep reading to see some more pictures of the opening and a couple of video clips.






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7 05 2008

I really hope one of these shows is filmed and released on DVD. This show is amazing! Anyone have any news on that?

7 05 2008

estou ate comovido ,com as fotos ,ela a diva ,kylie minogue ,e realmente fantastica ,ela merece ,tudo e muito mais ,nao esiste ninguem como ela ! ,as fotos estao realmente espectaculares os videos tambem,so desejo a bencao DE DEUS SEMPRE ,FELICIDADES ……….. VITOR

Approximate translation :

I am moved by the photos, the diva Kylie Minogue is really fantastic, she deserves everything and more, there is nobody like her! The photos are really spectacular, the videos too. I wish her the blessing of God always.

7 05 2008

The entrance gave me goosebumps! This spectacular artist really deserves more recognition in the States! She is so cool! Can’t wait to see more footage!

7 05 2008


I want to watch the videos but then again I dont because it will spoil it for when I go see her! I watched half of each πŸ™‚ She looks amazing! I CANT WAIT TO SEE HER!!!

7 05 2008

i hope to see the tour on brazil – my country – but, if may be not possible, hope the dvd come out soon. the purple dress from the same photoshoot of numero magazine is beautifil. Kylie is gorgeous and sexy, this new tour is going to be awesome!

7 05 2008

So,so, so disapointed. Yes beautiful dress, and the dvd will look amazing, however the set! There isn’t one- ONE BIG BACK WALL and ONE BIG, EMPTY STAGE AREA. It didn’t show her off at her best because kylie and the dancers have nothing to play with, ie stairs, split levels ) Great for the people at the back because they can’t see the facial expresions, so now the stage is one big screen like a cinema, and they can. But for those di-hard fans like myself who q-up for hours to be there, at the front!!!! in the moment. Why spend that emormous amount of money on a floor that lights up when no-body in the stalls, (ground level) or lower levels of the balcony can even see it.I wanted to dance and sing last night as i did at the two show girl tours. I also can’t wait for the dvd to come out, to feel what i had waited so long to feel last night. Although I’m not really keen to relive the South Pacific section.

7 05 2008

i wish i could go and see her 😦 yes the states are missing this and seriously the concerts here are just some person bouncing around and there is absolutely no back drops of any kind

7 05 2008

I like the smoke effect on the stage. She looks fabulous.

8 05 2008

Thanks for posting the videos. Since she won’t be in the States this summer, these videos are all we can hope for, unless a DVD is released. Anyway, all the phone/camera videos make her look even smaller than she is…it’s kind of funny. πŸ™‚

Anyway, it looks like a fun show. And I agree with the others who said she deserves more recognition here in the States. X is a great album; hopefully one of the singles will break here, or a song from the album might get used in a TV show/commercial, and more people will make the effort to check out her album.

Thanks again for posting moments from the tour!

9 05 2008
Josue Kantun

Definitivamente que Kylie es la Reyna del Dance Floor. Luce espectacular en esas fotos del X Tour 2008. Que maravilloso que este teniendo este regreso triunfal y arrasador. Esperemos que pronto venga a Mexico a promover y sobre todo con el Tour por que en America Latina tambien se le quiere rosando las pistas de baile. xoxoxoxo

9 05 2008

Hi, I love the site, great downloads. No able to find anywhere else! When you get the Ruffle My Fathers & Flower audio PLEASE POST IT, I CAN’T Wait.

Thank You,

12 05 2008

Can’t wait to see her in July!!! Its a shame she said that she wasn’t going to try and break into the US market again. A US tour would be amazing.

16 05 2008

An amazing axperience!!!
This tour is just Fantastic!! hope to see this on dvd!!! soon :))

9 11 2008

I was in her concert in Venezuela – Caracas 04-11-08

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