KYLIEX2008 Tour Update

13 05 2008

Since opening in Bercy, Paris on May 7th to rapturous acclaim from fans and critics alike, Kylie’s most lavish (and expensive) tour to date KYLIEX2008 has now started to snake it’s way across Europe. After stop-offs in Antwerp, Stuttgart and Frankfurt, Kylie made her first live appearance in the Czech Republic when the tour arrived in Prague last night.

The opening of the show is spectacular with Kylie appearing from between imense video curtains suspended above the stage in a golden hoop to the pumping beats of ‘Speakerphone’.

Intro & Speakerphone

Later in the show Kylie emerges bedecked in red, draped over a massive silver skull and performs two of the most popular tracks from her latest album X, ‘Like A Drug’ and ‘The One’.

Like A Drug The One

Alongside the usual mix of hits – both old and new – Kylie has incorporated three previously unreleased tracks into the show, ‘Ruffle My Feathers’ written by Paul Harris, Julian Peake & Kylie Minogue and ‘That’s Why They Write Love Songs’ & ‘Flower’ both written by Steve Anderson & Kylie Minogue.

Flower (track starts at about 01:30)

During the show Kylie also performs a cover of Barry Manilow’s signature tune ‘Copacabana’ which then blends beautifully into the ‘Light Years’ classic ‘LoveBoat’.


Kylie made a popular change to the setlist during her performance in Antwerp when she added the firm fan favorite, ‘Your Disco Needs You’.

Your Disco Needs You

The show also contains several beautiful ballads including the recently re-worked ‘I Believe In You’ and one of the most personal tracks on X, ‘Cosmic’.

I Believe In You



9 responses

13 05 2008

Thanx 4 the mini concert! Very nice! I really like the new song Flower, Hope it makes it on the DVD. Kylie looks and sounds gorgeous as usual!

13 05 2008

I really want to watch the videos, but then again I dont because it will spoil it when I go see her in London!!

Oh I really want one of those massive bean bag things like she had in the message to!

14 05 2008

Once again, thanks for giving us the latest and greatest of everything that is Kylie! Your reader’s from the States greatly appreciate it!

14 05 2008

Hi Jen & Samara,

Thanks for your comments as always. Glad you guys enjoy the site.

14 05 2008

Hey, i love your website, r you on my Space? if is the case let me no.
Where r you from?
Take care, love your job


16 05 2008

Kylie has a small plan to come “OZ country” ; So for now any video clips are welcome .

3 11 2008

Hello !
I’m from Greece and i am a huge Kylie-Boy fan many years..(since 8 y.o)
I’m so happy for KylieX2008 and it’s kicking ass rapturous quality(songs,perforamances,scene,costumes,style) !!!!!!!
Also i’m amazed about the fact it got expanded in South America,Asia and Australasia!
And i have a question : In May 22,2008 Kylie came to Athens,(i was there of course!) and before the entrance with Speakerphone(f**king great live-edit mix) an intro was played! It was a very familiar music(no words) almost classical ! Anyone have idea whats the title ? Or where it can be found ? Please if anyone knows..let me know.I’ve searched but i didn’t found anything ! So… my email is If anyone’s know something..just send an email.

I think X2008 tour(and ShowGirl Homecoming Tour)is the best tour ever in Kylie’s career!!

1 03 2009

Hello, could you upload cosmic live.Is is available to download it? Thax

25 12 2009

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