Wish Kylie A Happy Birthday with MAX

15 05 2008

Kylie is turns 40 on the 29th of May and MAX is giving their home grown Queen of Pop – as well all her fans across Australia – the biggest birthday party imaginable. To mark this momentous occasion, MAX has organised Kylie events galore, as well as what they are calling ‘The greatest music competition in the history of Australian music television’.

Starting at 10AM on Kylie’s birthday it’s back-to-back Kylie until 5PM with ‘Happy Birthday Kylie’ – the definitive countdown of all of Kylie’s greatest hits. The following day in Germany, lucky winners from a competition run earlier this month, will be attending Kylie’s birthday concert and meeting the star backstage to personally hand over a birthday cake and all the birthday messages from fans collected via MAX.

The following weekend on MAX its ‘Celebrate Kylie Weekend’. On Saturday and Sunday, between 12PM and 4PM, it’s more back-to-back Kylie, featuring the very best of Kylie countdowns, the exclusive MAX Masters, the ‘Feel The Fever’ documentary and the Subscription TV Premiere of both Kylie’s ‘Homecoming’ and ‘Showgirl’ concerts.

In the lead-up to Kylie’s birthday week, MAX is encouraging Kylie fans to go to their website and write their birthday well wishes to Kylie.

You can visit the MAX website HERE




6 responses

15 05 2008

I wrote my Birthday wishes in the card a few weeks ago, Can’t believe she’s going to be 40! She looks so stunning all the time! So many people are throwing her a bash too, wish I could go to all!

15 05 2008

you have to be a max member to go in the competion but i’m not a member and i’ve always dreamed to go to a kylie concert

16 05 2008

Happy 40 Kylie , this is the start of a new life , but dont think about it…just go , go ,go….You have a lot more to give us…Hoppe to see you in your OZ country .
Love you – Lovekylie

24 05 2008

to Klyie

Happy Birthday for Wednesday
hope you a have a great day and get every thing you want

don’t eat all the cake 🙂
have a great day

love naomi…xx

28 05 2008

kylie still the best, happy birthday.

28 05 2008

Happy 40th Birthday Kylie hope you have a fab day.

love Norma.x

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