Happy Birthday Kylie!

28 05 2008

To celebrate Kylie’s 40th birthday VH1 have compiled a list of her 40 biggest selling singles. While counting down from 40 to 1 they look back over Kylie’s amazing career and dig up some vinatge interviews from the Kylie archives.

40. Some Kind Of Bliss
39. Giving You Up
38. Chocolate
37. Celebration
36. Breathe
35. Word Is Out
34. Did It Again
33. Come Into My World
32. Where The Wild Roses Grow
31. What Kind Of Fool
30. Please Stay
29. Put Yourself In My Place
28. Finer Feelings
27. Shocked
26. Red Blooded Woman
25. Wow
24. If You Were With Me Now
23. Slow
22. 2 Hearts
21. I Believe In You
20. What Do I Have To Do
19. On A Night Like This
18. Step Back In Time
17. Confide In Me
16. In Your Eyes
15. Love At First Sight
14. Never Too Late
13. Kids
12. Better The Devil You Know
11. Tears On My Pillow
10. Spinning Around
09. Got To Be Certain
08. Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi
07. Give Me Just A Little More Time
06. Wouldn’t Change A Thing
The Loco-Motion

(Live performance from Intimate & Live Tour)

Hand On Your Heart

(Live performance from SGHC Tour)

I Should Be So Lucky

(Live performance from Intimate & Live Tour)

Especially For You

(Live performance from SGHC Tour)

Can’t Get You Out Of My Head

(Live performance from Fever Tour)





3 responses

28 05 2008

Nicely done! What better way to celebrate Kylie and her birthday than a trip down memory lane. Thanks!

29 05 2008

Wow this is fantastic! Kylie is just great and as she gets older, she just gets better!!

29 05 2008

Hi The Impossible Princess,

I am a new fan of Kylie’s. I Live in America so the last ive heard of
hers is “Can’t Get You Out Of My Head” and “Love At First Sight”, but
a couple of weeks ago I heard “All I See” on the radio and so I got
re-interested in her. X is the best album I think she has ever
realesed and I love you site! Im was excited to find The Kylie Show
there, but I was wondering if you still have the HQ whole version of
the show with skits and all? I found it on rapidshare but it said file
not found or an error has has happened! So if you still have the whole
show can you please email it to. An if you can my computer doesnt let
me download anything over 60Mb at a time if you have it in sections
please. but if you don’t i can download a download manager. So PLEASE
if you have the show please send it to me at danderson39120@gmail.com Thank You!

PS: I Cannot wait to hear “The One” Radio Edit!! and Freemassions (I
Guess) Remix!!

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