Kylie Tops Glamour Poll

5 06 2008

Kylie has been voted as the celebrity who is growing old most glamorously, beating fellow pop queen Madonna to the top spot. More than 36,000 music fans said that they would like to see Kylie continue her career into her 70’s. The survey was completed by visitors to new celebrity website xRank which charts celebrities’ success based on how many times they are searched for on the internet each day.

Paul Stoddart, the Senior Product Manager for Live Search UK said, “With so many celebrities reaching milestone birthdays this year, we wanted to get the public’s opinion on who they think will still be on top of their game in years to come.”

In separate polls conducted on the new website, actress Keira Knightley was voted ‘Favourite New Idol’ and troubled singer Amy Winehouse was named as the ‘Celebrity Most Likely To Retire Early’.




2 responses

5 06 2008

Even Madonna think that Kylie is the hotesse chick in pop music . Not wrong …As Kylie grow older , she glow better , sing better because she has so many vocal ranges . “X” is the best exemple of the new Kylie . “Body Language and Fever” were still looking like the girl next door. X is the big change , the “New Kylie” , new vocal , new style with the same devotion to her fun .
this is “A Kylie Resurection ”

5 06 2008
Samara is KylieKrazy

Kylie has been Glamorous since the day she was born! I love her!

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