The One – Freemasons Mix

6 06 2008

‘The One’ has been confirmed as Kylie’s 4th single release from ‘X’ and will be available to buy from the 28th of July. To celebrate the upcomming release Kylie’s camp have made the much anticipated Freemasons mix available to listen online. Keep reading to listen to the track.

The One – Freemasons Mix

Sorry guys but there’s no download available here as this is an upcomming release!




7 responses

6 06 2008
Samara is KylieKrazy

I love it! it sounds amazing! can’t wait for the physical release! Time to make some “The One” Wallpaper right? HaHa!

7 06 2008

I love this mix! If the release is handled well by Parlophone this could be a No.1 single for Kylie.

7 06 2008

I love it and this will go No 1 for sometime .I love every song from “X” and there will be more single coming out from this album .But this is in the hand of the promoters _ EMI _ PARLOPHONE _MUSHROOM.

7 06 2008

I love the chorus! I think this will do well in the clubs regardless…it has a very euro-disco sound. I hope she performs the song on upcoming tour dates. I don’t understand why she is not?!

9 06 2008

The one is my favorite track in the record, I hope a good video, high energy diva, big budget type will release for this… High hopes for this single. I can’t wait to hear it in the radio.. Please release “like a drug” also.

10 06 2008
Paul Abdul


I just heard the Kylie track. It’s beautiful. Almost made me cry.

I hate the over use of this word, but there is nothing else to say except:


10 06 2008

Awesome! This is one of my favorite tracks from X, and the Freemasons Mix is outstanding. I hope that this mix does well on the charts and gets some play here in the US. 🙂

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