Perez Has Message For Kylie

12 06 2008

One of Kylie’s biggest US supporters, entertainment blogger Perez Hilton has a message for the Princess of Pop – she needs to work harder if she wants to make it in America.

Talking to ‘Confidential’ yesterday about the poor US sales of Kylie’s latest album ‘X’ Perez explained, “If you really want to make it in the States you have to spend more time here. She should have gone to the top 10 cities in America and had a CD signing. If she did that in every city, I could guarantee 100 per cent she would sell more records than she did.”

Perez went on to say, “She sold something like 5000 records. It was embarrassing, but I guess she doesn’t need to make it here. She makes so much money playing arenas all over the world, financially it makes sense to go where the work is.”




4 responses

12 06 2008
Samara is KylieKrazy

Well, I find Mr Perez Hilton about as annoying as a skin rash but I must say he has a point when he says if Kylie wants to be successful here in the States she has to put in as much effort as she does in Europe, the couple performances she did over here were great but they simply were not enough. She should have done some CD signings in major cities like New York, L.A, and Chicago! She has lots of fans here! Why do we get stiffed when it comes to Kylie fun? I always said myself that she doesn’t NEED to make it here but she should and she can! She is FABULOUS and if she came here more often people would get to know her and her music and she would be just as big here as she is in Europe! I am positive she has enough fans over here to have a couple concerts but we never get any! This is very sad considering I know a lot of people here in America whose favorite singer on the planet is Kylie! Myself included! In her White Diamond documentary she said she loves what she does for a living and that she would do it in her night gown or even for two people, well i can certainly say she has more than 2 fans out here! So whats going on?

13 06 2008

yes i agree, perez hilton is an idiot. i hate him and he should really get a life. He makes the US look bad lemme tell ya. I mean, Kylie is to good for us here in the US. awell 🙂

13 06 2008

Perez Hilton was the uglie in Kylie promo in the US.He simply didn’t want Kylie on the US market. This is not the first time it happen .Perez couldn’t see Kylie next to Madonna or Rihanna and all those new sex kitten , coming one day , out the next day. Kylie just need a better promoter to open the gates to the US market.She will get there because this is the only country left on a agenda .South America ,Europe & Asia love Her…Perez only look after him self ; one of those pig in our world.
Love to all Kylie fun,

17 06 2008
The Sometime Samurai

Hey!! Just had to say I’d rather eat my own hand than spend an hour listening to Hilton rant on! Must be something annoying about people with that name!!Don’t reckon the goddess that is Ms. Minogue is really that bothered about “cracking” the U.S. market. She rules everywhere else and one country – well size isn’t everything shall we say!
By the way first time on this site and da da da da – i’m lovin’ it!

Can’t wait for my two Kylie X shows in Manchester soon!!


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