The One – Single Release Rumours

12 06 2008

The rumours are still flying around regarding the upcoming single release of ‘The One’. Will there be a physical release for the single, will there be a video for the single, will there be any new ‘B sides’ if there is a physical release?

There certainly seems to be more interest surrounding the release of this single than there has been with previous ‘X’ releases. Promo singles have now been sent out to radio stations – with cover artwork that has received very mixed reactions – as for the rest, we’ll just have to wait and see.

I really hope that Parlophone get this one right for Kylie because if handled correctly it could end up being her biggest selling single from ‘X’.




2 responses

12 06 2008
Samara is KylieKrazy

Oh lets pray that it gets physically released and a video! It would be a really REALLY bad move if there were not, as I feel this is almost everyones favorite song on the album! Every Kylie fan has The One playing on their Myspace page! I didn’t think the song could get any better than it already is and then Freemasons came and remixed it and just blew it out of the water! What a phenomenol remix! 2 Hearts and WoW were okay songs but The One, Like A Drug and Speakerphone are just fantastic songs and should have been first choice! You are absolutely right Impossible Princess when you say this can be her biggest selling single from “X”! Oh, I hope it happens! P.S. the cover artwork is creating quite a buzz on myspace! It resembles, well, I’ll just keep to myself what it that finger resembles!

12 06 2008

I love the song. Hopefully they will handle it well.

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