William Baker Answers His Critics

16 06 2008

In this weeks QX Magazine Kylie’s creative director William Baker talks about the mixed response that ‘X’ received, and how he deals with all of the negative criticism that has been aimed at him lately.

On negative criticism : “Bad reviews and criticism is always constructive and a positive thing. What I find difficult is the kind of negativity that does the rounds on the internet. Those are personal attacks, by people who seem to have nothing better to do. But I guess that’s nothing compared to what Kylie has to put up with. I’m my own worst critic anyway.”

On X & the X2008 tour : “I knew it was difficult when we first started as everyone loves her back catalogue and this new album has had some mixed reviews or at least mixed response, but I think its important that she has to move it on. I think this is quite an important show because the last one went on for so long because she got sick and then came back to finish it off. It took six months to prepare for the tour. I wanted it to be like spiritual and religious like and move it on.We had only toured the previous year and I wanted to do something very different and something that would set her up musically for the next few years.”

On Kylie : “On stage she is a really emotional performer. Like I love Madonna, I think she is amazing and I love her concerts but I don’t think she can connect with an audience in the same way. Not that I am comparing them but its interesting to see how Kylie responds to people on that level.”

On future projects : “There are a few things on the go including filming the show and a limited edition coffee table book of all my photos of Kylie over the last few years. There is definitely more to come, she’s on fire at the moment!”

His biggest influences : “Madonna, Boy George, Bowie.”

Favourite childhood memory : “Watching Joan Collins walk into the courtroom in Dynasty for the first time with a huge hat and veil. There was no turning back!”



7 responses

16 06 2008
Samara is KylieKrazy

“X” has received a lot of negative review but it has received positive as well, a TRUE Kylie fan supports and loves everything that her and her wonderful team do. Its impossible to make everyone happy. And I absolutely agree, Kylie is on FIRE! There is more to come definitely!

17 06 2008
Mark Varner

X is excellent. It is challenging and varied and has some tracks that will be favorites over Kylie’s future career. There are a number of tracks that get me dancing at the club whenever I’m lucky enought to hear them. Favorite: The One, of course!

23 06 2008

I’m sooooo happy that Kylie’s “on fire”. Happy that there will be projects in the near future!

23 07 2008
Carolina Amaris

I loved X. It truly connects with Modern Time. it’s a great album from start to finish. It’s true about Kylie connecting with the audience. She won me over big time. I’m also a Madonna fan too but she never really connects with her audience. Kylie is my new Icon and a positive one at that.

4 11 2008
Kylie Vs. Madonna: Whose style is aging better?

[…] Contrary to what Baker suggests, while Minogue’s Gaultier tour wardrobe was met with lukewarm reviews, Madonna’s Riccardo Tisci’s custom Givenchy designs were often praised– often more so than the music she performed at the shows! Perhaps Baker needs to read a bit more press — including his own. If he did, he might realize that, on the whole, Kylie’s fans are sick of him. […]

3 09 2009

You know im sick of him slagging Madonna all the time!! Whats with this bitter Queen?? He’s spent tha last 2 decades trying to make Kylie into Madonna!! He’s used her looks, her tour ideas, stole Madonnas right hand designers then has the nerve to slate Madonna!! At least Madonnas work is all her own, he would be made redundant if he swithced to Madonnas camp, she doesnt need a “creative director”. Kylie is not on fire at the moment shes faultering! And its because of his ill direction and lame attempts at follwing his real ICON, Madonna!! Religious and spiritual theme??? What?! Madonna did this with Ray Of Light and on the Re-Invention tour which, if im allowed to say, was xeroxed on Kylies X tour. Theres nothing new under the sun and there is nothing new in Kylies cannon! No number 1 album for 8 years and no number 1 single for 8 years either, he needs sacking!! Send her to Madonna and cut out the cheap middle man!

20 09 2014
Archie Thomson

William is a HUGE Madonna fan, she jilted his designs decades ago and he has never got over it, he got sadled with Kylie and its like he dresses her as he wanted to dress Madonna. As a two’some they’re pretty vile, popping shots at Madonna all the time, when in reality, Madonna provides them BOTH with a source of creative energy, inspiration and many a blue-print for video’s tours and looks. Do you honestly believe Kylie is capable of all that camp creative glam?! Her roots lay not in pop but in Australian TV soap world! Madonna? She has underground house, pop and dance coursing through her veins, it is her life! Kylie fell into a manufactured world of pop by default! The rest was good A&R and sheer luck!

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