KYLIEX2008 Unreleased Tracks

16 06 2008

Kylie has incorporated some beautiful unreleased tracks into her KYLIEX2008 tour which have already become firm fan favourites. I couldn’t resist posting a couple of clips of Kylie performing two of these tracks.

The first clip (shot in Prague) is of ‘Everlasting – Ruffle My Feathers’ which Kylie wrote with Paul Harris, Julian Peake & Richard Stannard.

The second clip (shot in Stockholm) is of ‘Flowers’ which Kylie wrote with Steve Anderson.

Either of these tracks would make fantastic ‘B sides’ for the upcoming single release of ‘The One’.




2 responses

17 06 2008

Hey Kylie, could you release Ruffle My Feathers as the next single? I heard it in the concert (tho I can’t remember it well lol)

Thanks ❤

4 08 2008

Kylie PLeeeeeeeeease!

Argentinian (South American) fans are still waiting for you to play live over these shores. It’d passed 20 years of our lives waiting for you to come.
We are as loyal as European or Aussies fan.
Love U. X is your best CD by far
Damian from Buenos Aires, Argentina

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