KYLIEX2008 Wows Europe

19 06 2008

The triumphant KYLIEX2008 tour continues to attract rave reviews in every city it stops at, with her concert in Sofia last month described as ‘one of the great performances of the early 21st century’ by the Bulgarian press. Keep reading to watch some of Kylie’s most recent performances and see what other critics have been saying about KYLIEX2008.

08/05/2008 De Morgen – Belgium “Artists, identified by only their first name, have really made it. She brought as expected, an extravagant show with kitsch, glamour, extraordinary choreography and beautiful outfits.”

13/05/2008 – Czech Republic “Half way through Kylie Minogue’s show you realise that the performances of her more famous rival Madonna are second league in comparison to Kylie. This 40 year old Australian’s production is one of the best touring shows on the planet. Although the show is clearly a feast for eyes, the truth is that musically it was a feast too. After all, Kylie is known as a singer first.”

17/05/2008 Nepszabadsag – Hungary “Kylie Minogue is the most popular pop diva of all. It would be nigh impossible to challenge the Kylie Minogue show. The high-tech stage, the costumes, dancers and giant scenes – it’s the perfect mix of visuals with a professional show. But Kylie showed us a human side, she was happy to speak to us in Hungarian, forming her sentences perfectly making the audience could feel her close to her.”

20/05/2008 Standart Daily – Bulgaria “Kylie Minogue appeared in Sofia like the absolute goddess of professional show business. The Australian diva gave a phenomenal performance which goes down in history as one of the great performances of the early 21st century.”

22/05/2008 Sabah Kumsal Magazine – Turkey “The world famous star Kylie Minogue… bewitched the audience at her concert… she amazed everyone with her beauty and energy. Contrary to many prima donnas, Kylie was smiling all the time and was cheery and generous with the press. Kylie Minogue expressed her admiration for Istanbul and we in turn admired her for her wonderful show at Kurucesme Arena.”

02/06/2008 – Germany “The entire show worked. The pace was timed brilliantly. Here was Kylie making bold moves with the designs, the rare songs included and (some) hits omitted. It’s a risky show and… it’s Kylie’s finest. Every song absolutely wrapped around the audience. The arrangements of the entire show are mind-blowing and for this reason, the entire concert must be mastered and put to CD. Vocally flawless, the band and composers of the show have produced a live experience that was a complete and total aural feast.”

14/06/2008 Iltasanomat – Finland “The best party this summer! A Friday-night doesn’t get any better than this! You can’t help but compare the 40-year old Minogue, whose career spans three decades and Celine Dion who performed at the same venue last Monday. Dion’s show was as pompous as the Titanic, but it was sunk by the iceberg-like coldness of the star-vocalist. Altho’ Dion may be a better singer than Minogue, Kylie wins hands down with her huge party… All 11,600 happily dancing audience-members are proof of that. Kylie Minogue, shamelessly flirted, bustled with irresistible fun and came across as lot more real, sweeter and personal than Celine Dion or Rihanna who’ve performed in the same venue. With her dancers, her extravagant staging and her enthusiastic audience Kylie gave us a show we’ll long remember.”

KYLIEX2008 plays Riga in Latvia tomorrow night before venturing on to Germany and Holland, and finally hits UK shores next Thursday starting with a 4 night residency at the Odyssey Arena in Belfast.



10 responses

20 06 2008

Ah gawd the Finland show, lame audience but awesome concert, I really loved I Should Be So Lucky, whole arena was actually jumping and stuff πŸ˜€

By the way, there’s going to be KylieX2008 DVD right?

20 06 2008

And aren’t these from I downloaded the videos don’t tell him πŸ˜‰

21 06 2008

Somebody sent the clips to me, but most things end up on YouTube nowadays. As far as the DVD goes, I’m sure it will be released once the tour is finished.

21 06 2008

I hate you!
I so badly want to watch all these videos but I dont want to spoil it for when I go.

22 06 2008
Samara is KylieKrazy

Don’t watch them then! I’m not watching them so I won’t spoil the DVD for myself!

25 06 2008

You could call Her the Queen of POP , but ” Princess” is more like Kylie . She is radiant , a bundle of joy and happiness that spread in you in any show . She is the perfect entertainer .
Regards to all Kylie lovers

13 07 2008

Kylie is on of the worlds best artist ! I hope the DVD from KylieX2008 is coming soon ! Im big fan of Kylie ! I love Kylie and the music !

23 07 2008

The DVD will be filmed on August 2nd at the O2 Arena London. Check , archive July 2008.

23 07 2008

Thank you Theo !!!

29 07 2008

Anytime! πŸ™‚

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