Dr Who Goes Down Under

26 06 2008

Kylie may not have announced plans to tour ‘down under’ any time soon, but Australians will be able to get their fix of the pop princess in an episode of the hit UK TV show Doctor Who this weekend. Kylie plays glamorous waitress Astrid Peth in the Titanic themed ‘Voyage Of The Damned’ which will air on ABC on Sunday.

The show sees Kylie lock lips with the time travelling doctor, played by David Tennant in the feature length Christmas special. Talking to UK TV magazine The Radio Times last year Kylie admitted that she was nervous about playing the role, but ultimately fell in love with the character.

“I’ve a lot of affection for Astrid – she’s a waitress, a dreamer, alone, and wants to travel.” explained Kylie, “Perhaps that’s like me when younger, but I had opportunities, and she’s still struggling. Doctor Who goes back to my roots as an actress.”

‘Voyage of the Damned’ was labelled the best ever Doctor Who episode when it was broadcast in the UK to a record TV audience late last year.




3 responses

26 06 2008

i watched this at Christmas time it was brilliant

27 06 2008
Mark Varner

It was quite good. I cried. Kylie should be cast in more film and TV! She’s such a compelling character from within.

27 06 2008

Dr Who…. “Voyage Of The Damned” …Kylie was brilliant , good looking and acted to her best . I love it …
But from “Dow Under” I had to dowload it from the net and got it on the 12 of january 2008 . For most of us ” KYLIE FUN ” We got it , and the special on OZ TV mean nothing any more .But I may whatch it just because it’s Kylie .
My love to all the Kyliefun.

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