Kylie’s Living Life To The Full

8 07 2008

In this months ‘Easy Living’ magazine, Kylie talks to Michael Tschernak about – amongst other things – her battle with breast cancer, her relationship with Olivier Martinez and her feelings about having a family of her own.

On her battle with breast cancer : During my therapy they told me, ‘You’ll reach a point where you’ll almost forget all this has ever happened.’ Now I tell myself it’s true – I’m back and I’m living life to the fullest. Sometimes I really do feel this disease was in the past. It’s remarkable what a person is able to put up with. Nevertheless, it has left it’s mark, it influences everything I do – it’s part of my history.

On taking things a bit easier : I’ve just spent a whole week on Mauritius. A real holiday! For the first time I didn’t feel a need to control everything. I just took it easy and I returned feeling peaceful and relaxed. Now I can concentrate on the tour. I’m really looking forward to performing the new songs live.

On the paparazzi : They know where I live and follow me from home. It took me a while to get used to it. I’d think, ‘What are they doing here, what is there to report?’ There’s always been interest in the lives of famous people – you only need to watch video footage of the last few decades to know that. But it’s grown enormously in intensity in the past few years. You can’t just ignore them, that’s impossible, but it still irritates me.

On having a family : There are days when I think, actually that’s not the right path for me. I never really felt like I was made for an ordinary life, like a husband and a terraced house in the suburbs. Understandably, there’s a huge interest in these super-mums, who perform and have kids at the same time, but for some people that would be too much. And there are lots of singers who have achieved remarkable things without a family, such as Debbie Harry or Dolly Parton. Recently, Dolly said in an interview, ‘I don’t need children, I have brothers and sisters, nieces and nephews.’ Ultimately, what matters most is how much love you’ve got inside yourself, and how much of it you are willing to give. Whenever I’m in a room with children, I’m the first to get down on the floor and fool around with them. I have a nephew who is just 22 months old – my brother Brendan’s son – and when I’m in Australia I always try to take a long ‘auntie break’. But as far as having my own family, it’s just too early to say really.

On reinventing herself : The showgirl and the feathers are behind me, I want to go into a new direction now. Jean Paul Gaultier is designing my costumes for the tour – everything will be couture! Everything is hand made, every seam, it’s absolutely beautiful. Gaultier pays meticulous attention to detail, I love his work. I’ve always found it fascinating to see how dresses are made. My grandmother taught me to sew, you wouldn’t believe it but I can actually use a sewing machine. Maybe under different circumstances I could have been a designer. In this industry you are constantly under enormous pressure: you’re asking yourself what to do for your next video and at the same time, you realise it has to be finished in five days time. No matter what you do, everything always happens at the last minute.

On getting older : I didn’t really think about it (turning 40), but everybody else seemed to. Even last year, people kept asking about it and I thought, ‘Wait a second, I only just turned 39!’ It was no big deal. I hadn’t planned anything special either. Besides, the next day I was performing in Munich. A while ago I sang ‘I Should Be So Lucky’ as a romantic torch song on ‘Later… With Jools Holland’. Jools accompanied me on the piano, and I can imagine working like that. It’s difficult to age with dignity in the pop business, but I’d like to think that I’ve managed it so far. In the pop business you need spirit, courage and determination, first and foremost, to perform on stage as you get older.

On all those romance rumours : Olivier is a good friend. The rumours flared up again only because we met for dinner in a bistro in Paris. I look forward to seeing him, but I also look forward to seeing his dog Sheba, she even spent a night at my place. I have great respect for Olivier, no matter what people say about him or about us, nobody can take away our special experiences together.

Her outlook on life : A lot of things I do are based on protecting my image. I have this ‘Smiley Kylie’ image, and that’s fine with me. I tend to be more of a positive than negative person, but I still have some dark and sad moments. It’s not my job though, to go public with those. I believe every artist is challenged by uncertainties they are trying to overcome. One moment you’re flying high above an audience of 10 or 20 thousand people, and the next moment you might be going home alone. That is kind of contradictory, but I like contradictions, you have to accept them and try to create a balance. That’s the aim of my life: to find a balance.

You can read the full article in the August edition of ‘Easy Living’ magazine.



9 responses

8 07 2008

She’s so fabulous!

8 07 2008
Samara is KylieKrazy

Well said Kylie! She is an amazing woman!

9 07 2008

I love her “Smiley Kylie” outlook! She is an amazing woman. Keep up the great work Kylie!!!

9 07 2008

i love this women , what ever she does , Kylie is a inspiration to all people and young and small since a became a fan Kylie has given be confidence, and i thank you for that if you are reading this. Kylie is just an amazing performer and women
❤ love nsk

9 07 2008

Sorry ,but she bores me rigid.Vacuous.No oomph at all. And I loathe her “music”.

Everyone has their own “taste” in people I guess,she just is not mine. nor anyone I would look up to, or aspire to emulate.

9 07 2008

Hi Dewberry, thanks for stopping by. We’re all entitled to our own opinions, but if you find Kylie ‘vacuous’ why are you visiting a Kylie site?

9 07 2008

Dewberry lemme ask you something… Why the hell are you on this site if you don’t like her and/or her music?

And about the article all I can say is I hope the best for Kylie, all people do have good and bad times even celebs. Thank you alot for everything Kylie you always keep me going ❤

14 07 2008
Samara is KylieKrazy

Dewberry is visiting the site because deep down inside he or she knows Kylie is Spectacular!

4 08 2008

Im very big fan of Kylie , sinse 1988 ! She smile always and are happy ! I love Kylie and the music ! Love to you Kylie !!!

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