Sorry This Title Is Deleted

13 07 2008

Despite there having still been no official announcement, have now marked the physical release of ‘The One’ as deleted, and have contacted customers to let them know that their pre-order has been cancelled.

Although the rumours about the fate of this track have been circulating the forums for a while, I was really hoping they’d turn out to be untrue. It’s such a shame, this track has received the best reception of any of the singles from X, it’s actually getting decent airtime and the Freemasons’ mix is going down a storm in the clubs.

The One – Freemasons Mix

The biggest worry now is whether the digital release will be chart eligible. If it is, a track that should have been her biggest selling single for years, could end up being her worst.




4 responses

14 07 2008
Samara is KylieKrazy

I had ordered mine as soon as i found out they were selling it, I was absolutely crushed when i got the email saying my order had been cancelled. What a shame this is, The One is probably the best single from “X”

14 07 2008

Aw man… Why did they cancel it :S

14 07 2008

omg i hate hmv

14 07 2008

It’s nor HMV we should blame but Parlophone. What they did with all this mess with singles from X is just ridiculous! I’m not suprised that X didn’t sell well. But we still love Kylie and i keep the fingers crossed for ‘The One’ as Kylie’s next single!

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