Kylie Releases New Photo Book

18 07 2008

Kylie has added an exclusive limited edition photographic book to the list of merchandise available for her KYLIEX2008 tour. All of the photos in the book have been taken by Kylie’s Creative Director and friend William Baker and include previously unreleased material. The book has been limited to 1000 copies, and each one has been individually signed by both Kylie and William.

The book documents a pivotal and intensely emotional part of Kylie’s life when she returned to the limelight following her battle with breast cancer, from the Showgirl Homecoming tour up to the current KYLIEX2008 tour. The book itself, which is over two hundred pages, comes packaged in a sculpted acrylic case designed by graphic artist Tony Hung.

When asked why he had taken on the role of Kylie’s primary photographer, William explained, “After Kylie’s illness she became quite selective about whom she wanted round her. Her level of privacy was increased and because of this, I stepped up as photographer – almost by default. Of course Kylie then had a lot to do with my progression as a photographer. She is an amazing subject to capture – it would be very difficult to take a bad picture of her.”

Kylie added simply, “Willie and I have a unique relationship, it’s quite symbiotoc. We feed off each other’s talents and understand each others insecurities! We both love to create, and this book illustrates that.”

Sadly, the one downside of this new release is the price. The book looks beautifully produced, but at a staggering £250.00 (plus up to £90.00 P&P if you order it from the Kylie Store) it will be well out of the price range of many of Kylie’s fans.

All images in this article are from photographs of the book taken by Minoguestar – which have then been touched up by me.




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18 07 2008

Just wanted to apologise for the lack of posts over the last week. I’ve been working on a new Kylie project which should hopefully be on-line in the next few days.

Dave 😉

18 07 2008
Samara is KylieKrazy

Ooh! What kind of Kylie project! Oh no! now i’m going to be thinking about this all day! Thank you for this post, its beautiful!

19 07 2008

this is an incredible site!

20 07 2008

A well done book, but I don’t think that most of Kylie fans can afford this. Therefore i think we’ll have to wait for the cheaper version of this book (I bet there will be one).

20 07 2008

WAY out of my budget, hope fully they will release a cheaper version?

20 07 2008

my mum wont get it grrrrrrr

21 07 2008

everything kylie is always sold in America and so on
Kylie is Australian
and people in Australia should should get some kylie things too

21 07 2008

Great post, as always. Looking forward to the unvieling of your latest Kylie project!

22 07 2008

Hi guys,

I’ve just added some higher quality images from the new book to gallery pages 7 & 8 – not quite the same as owning the book, but better than nothing. Thanks to the guys over at SayHey for scanning them.

22 07 2008


Nice price, I’m quite broke so… I can’t get it yet hehe 😀

15 08 2008

hi esta buenisimo su aporte muxas grax!

2 01 2009

“The book has been limited to 1000 copies, and each one has been individually signed by both Kylie and William.”

I’d buy it if it don’t have that cunts autograph as well! William Baker is a worthless parasite feeding off Kylies success for far too long!

18 03 2009

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