KylieKrazy – The Kylie Fansite Listing

22 07 2008

After the demise of Kylie Mania earlier in the year, there was no longer a Kylie fan site listing on the web. With so many great Kylie sites around at the moment, I decided to do something about it!

Introducing KYLIEKRAZY!

Anybody with a web space dedicated to Kylie is welcome to apply. I’ve also set up a help & support blog to try and make adding your site to the listing as easy as possible. You can visit the support blog by clicking HERE.

I’ve been testing the site for the past couple of weeks to try and iron out as many bugs as possible, but I’m sure there will probably be a few teething troubles so please bare with me.



12 responses

22 07 2008
Samara is KylieKrazy

I’m speechless! I knew you had something great coming but i didn’t think it was this! Thank you! You are amazing with every Kylie thing you have created on this site! You are the best!

22 07 2008

Thanks Samara.

I hope you don’t mind me stealing your ‘KylieKrazy’ tag, it just seemed to sum the site up perfectly!

All I need now is to spread the word – the listing will only work if people add their sites. I’ve spent quite a long time getting it to look and work how I wanted it to, so I’d really like it to be a success.

Dave πŸ™‚

22 07 2008
Samara is KylieKrazy

Oh, i think i know a few people that will enjoy this site! and they are just as KylieKrazy as us!

23 07 2008

i cant use it its hard
sorry 😦

24 07 2008
The Impossible Princess

“i cant use it its hard sorry”

What is it that you are having trouble with naomi?

24 07 2008

i dont get how to use it and when i try to copy the code onto my profile MYSPACE it wont let me it comes up as 2 dots

24 07 2008
The Impossible Princess

I’ve never used MySpace myself, so I can’t really help you there. Does anybody on here know if you can add basic HTML code to a MySpace page?

If you can’t then I’m afraid MySpace pages aren’t going to work on the listing because you wont be able to get ranked.

24 07 2008

Dave, many thanks for the heads up !

Keep up with the good work !


24 07 2008

Please add my site to your blog. I’ll do the same xx

24 07 2008

Way cool Dave! As always, YOU ROCK!

26 07 2008

Looks amazing. Thank you so much!!!

22 02 2010

hiiiiii………… ❀ RAWR!

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