The One Is Released *UPDATED

28 07 2008

Although there is still no sign of the video we were all hoping for, ‘The One’ – Kylie’s 4th and final single release from ‘X’ – is now available and can be download in three different formats.

Click the bundle title to be taken to the appropriate store :

iTUNES BUNDLE 1 – £0.79
1. The One – Album Edit 03:36

iTUNES BUNDLE 2 – £1.99
1. The One – Album Version 04:05
2. The One – Freemasons Vocal Club Mix 09:14

1. The One – Freemasons Vocal Club Edit 03:41

There has been a lot of speculation about whether or not this release will be chart eligible, and as far as I can make out – and this was confirmed on the official Kylie forum today – the track will be chart eligible.

Updated 30.07.2008 : There is definitely a video for ‘The One’.

Thanks to Kane @ SayHey who has already seen the video and has revealed, “The video isn’t story led. It starts off with Jason and a female dancer flicking between the two and throughout the video there’s a zooming kaleidoscope effect coming from behind the dancers and Kylie. During the chorus you see the “Love Me, Love Me, Love Me” text zoom behind Kylie.

“Kylie has four outfits in total. A white dress with long blonde hair, shorter hair with a dress with ruffles over one shoulder similar to the one on the front cover of the recent ‘Confide In Me’ compilation CD. Another outfit she wears is a black, half opened suit jacket with a black bra showing, and a blond wig & sunglasses.”

I’ll post the video for you as soon as it is available, in the meantime, check out this great clip of Kylie performing the Freemasons mix of ‘The One’ in Manchester on the 12th of July.



21 responses

28 07 2008

Kylies final single??? 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦

I hope she brings another album out next year!!!

love you soo much Kylie 🙂


28 07 2008
Samara is KylieKrazy

We really need a video to this fabulous song! So i guess there won’t be a physical release then, the singles for this album were very odd selections. Does anyone feel the same?

29 07 2008

For some reason Parlophone spat their dummy over ‘The One’ !!!
At the same time iTunes spat their dummy on my Australia Visa card – when my best dealer for Kylie’s new and old is ‘’ UK based accepting my Visa card – so I am looking for a way to get the 3 bundles of ‘The One’.
Yes Samara, a video would be perfect for ‘The One’ but EMI, Parlophone & Mushroom would have to understand the power this song has to Kylie’s fans.

29 07 2008

I agree Samara. I don’t know what they did but X wasn’t bad album as it was shown around. It was just bad chosen singles from the album. I hope The One will be chart eligible and have a decent video.

29 07 2008

This was gonna be a great song for Kylie and could have boosted the albums rating right up. Kylie could have had another number 1 but some people have to just screw things up! I have downloaded the song and it’s the bets tune of the year I think.

29 07 2008

I want a video for every Kylie X album song cos all the songs on X are really really good.

Kylie is a very very very good singer and I hope this is not the last single!

LYSM Kylie xo

29 07 2008

Wow & In My Arms were perfect choices but not 2 Hearts and The One I think! Speakerphone & No More Rain would have been better, and what about All I See, there’s a video but it’s not a single … weird!

30 07 2008

I hope a video comes out for this song! It is lovely!!!
Kylie is great 😀 😀

30 07 2008

Maxime, “All I See” was a single in the US, hence why there is a video for it. I wish “The One” would get a US release… We only got one single from “X” here and it was a poor choice!

I think if there is a video for “The One” it would look cool if it were something along the lines of Madonna’s “Get Together” video. Very futuristic and electronic looking… “The One” has a “Get Together” feel to it in my opinion.

30 07 2008

Hey, please make a good video for this wonderful music… this will be a big single for Kylie, I’m so excited!

30 07 2008

They should release “Like a Drug” as a single at the same time, like they did with “In My Arms” and “Wow” right guys? With a cool music video!

30 07 2008

I can see ‘Like A Drug’ as a single cos it’s a cool song and I think one of Kylie’s faves from ‘X’ but come on, ‘No More Rain’? It’s an OK album song but def not a single release!!!

30 07 2008

seems like a very good video for The One
can’t wait to see it!!!!!

31 07 2008

Great news – can you post it in iVideo section so we can download for our ipods?

31 07 2008
The Impossible Princess

Hi Derekk,

It depends what sort of release it gets. I don’t post downloads of items that are available to buy.

This site has taken a long time to set up and I’d hate for it to get closed down 🙂

31 07 2008

Sorry, I just found your great site – don’t want to cause any problems – keep up the great work!

D x

2 08 2008

Well, whether we have a video or not the songs on X are spectacular and Kylie’s album deserves to have a good boost in sales because there are so many great songs on it.

3 08 2008
The Impossible Princess

‘The One’ has entered the UK singles chart at number 36, which for a download only single with no video and no promotion isn’t that bad.

If this track had been given a physical release accompanied by a great video it could have been Kylie’s biggest single for some time.

Shame on you Parlophone!

4 08 2008

I found the freemasons mix on iTunes finally (like 1-2 weeks ago), I didn’t get an idea to check the single with 2 songs lol

Love it, can’t wait for the music video!

12 08 2008

i just saw the music video one a different blog post
i love it so much

13 08 2008

I tried the version of it (3:41) but it won’t accept Visa Electron… or should I say Visa Shitron!

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