Kylie News Round Up

4 08 2008

According to United Arab Emirate newspaper The National, Kylie has signed a six-figure deal to perform at two concerts in Dubai – her first in the UAE. The first show, on 24th September will help launch Atlantis, the flagship resort on the artificial Palm Jumeirah island. As yet, no date or location has been announced for the second performance, which will apparently be open to the public.

A source with the publicity campaign told the newspaper, “Kylie knows that she has thousands of fans in the UAE and as it will be her début in the country, she has a lot to live up to.

“She is already planning the shows, the costumes and the songs but there is no doubt that it will be the climax to the end of her year of touring. Kylie will be sure to give the shows a little local flavour. She is just the person to bring maximum publicity to such a prestigious, high profile development.”

Back in the UK, despite Kylie having already strenuously denied rumours about a romance with film director Alexander Dahm the press are once again speculating about their relationship after he attended one of her KYLIEX2008 concerts in London. According to The Sunday Mirror, Dahm had a VIP seat next to the 02 Arena’s stage so he could use his video camera to film Kylie as she performed.

“Alex was standing about a metre away from Kylie,” an unnamed insider told the newspaper. “He even got out his video camera to record the show. It was clear that whatever relationship they have, it’s stronger now than ever before.”

“Because Kylie and Alex are such good friends, she spoke to him loads about the tour during the planning stages.” a friend told the newspaper. “It was only right she invited him over to see the finished product.”

Kylie first met Alexander in Mexico in early 2007 when she was modelling swimwear for fashion chain H&M and Dahm was on a film shoot. A few months later the pair were photographed together in Chile sparking rumours of a possible romance. Kylie has always strongly denied any involvement with Dahm calling the speculation “offensive” and explaining, “I have never been unfaithful to a partner and would find it completely immoral to be involved with a married man.”

And finally, Kylie took an unexpected tumble during her performance at the O2 Arena on Saturday night. During the track ‘Nu-Di-Ty’ Kylie’s beautiful but impractical footwear caused her to fall to the floor. Ever the professional she took it all in her stride and after being helped back to her feet by two dancers joked with the audience, “What a quick recovery. You try wearing these heels!”

(Kylie tumbles at approx 01:30)



4 responses

5 08 2008

i was there it was a very good night it was my third time i was there for x 2008 xo

5 08 2008

Oh yeh, I saw her take a fall. I was like :O
But she was fine 🙂
It was a bloody awesome show, her outfits were amazing!

5 08 2008

I wanna go to UAE O.o

5 08 2008

well done always a pro in every thing she does

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