Kylie Settles Back Into Normal Life

8 08 2008

Kylie looked happy and relaxed as she hit the town last night wearing a dazzling multicoloured dress. Kylie met up with friends including manager Terry Blamey at her local the Duke On The Green pub in Chelsea and according to other drinkers was in high spirits.

Kylie Hits The Town

Kylie Hits The Town

An onlooker told today’s Daily Mail newspaper, “She was full of smiles and looked like she had a great night, chatting animatedly and sipping wine. Drinkers couldn’t resist asking for autographs and photos on their mobiles. She was charming and happily signed and posed for them.”

Settling back into ‘normal’ life now that the European leg of her tour has come to an end, Kylie was full of smiles this morning as she posed for pictures on her way for an appointment with her manager Terry Blamey.

Andrea waited on Kylie's doorstep

Andrea Waited on Kylie's Doorstep

Earlier in the week Kylie was greeted on her doorstep by ‘super fan’ Andrea Signer. Ever the professional, Kylie posed for pictures and signed autographs. Andrea, who lives in Holland attended 47 dates on the X2008 tour and has Kylie’s autograph tattooed onto her upper arm.

Andrea's Tattoo

Andrea's Tattoo




12 responses

8 08 2008

she looks great!! good for her

8 08 2008

Andrea is more like a stalker than a fan and should have more respect for Kylies privacy!

8 08 2008
ilove kylie!

yerr i totally agree

but kylie is so friendly id love to meet her:)

8 08 2008
Samara is KylieKrazy

Kylie looks wonderful! I can’t wait to get my Kylie tattoo, been wanting one for a long time!

8 08 2008

I think kylie looks great, but Andrea just looks creepy

8 08 2008

Obbsessed much?!
I can’t believe she had a tatoo of her signature!

Other than that, Kylie looked amazing.
Loving the coloured dress.

8 08 2008

The girl needs help. I here they are making a doco about her. They will probably make here look like a nutter!!!!!!

8 08 2008

the girl creeps me out having a tattoo of a autograph

8 08 2008
Midlake Man

I feel well sorry for Kylie, not only has she just had the greulling tour too contend with, she arrives home too find andrea on her doorstep, it really has too stop, she is over obssesed and I really think it’s time her management took action, to gain an injunction.

8 08 2008

She’s a bit obsessed ;D

Btw Kylie said that The One will be on soon so… keep your eyes peeled for it 😀

29 12 2008

You must be very in love to have the signatures all over your body!

15 05 2009
Daniel Stephens

Andrea is a good friend of mine and she is not a stalker, just a huge Kylie fan and a very nice person. After the Kylie concert in Rotterdam, Andrea was handed a huge poster with the signatures of all the band and a “thanks for your support” message. They wouldn’t do that for someone they thought was a stalker.

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