Kylie – The One (Version 2)

12 08 2008

Not long after premièring Kylie’s latest video Parlophone pulled it off the web, and then released a new version a couple of hours later. Spot the difference!

The video was directed by Ben Ib – who also created several of the screen projections for X2008 – and seems to have been a hit with most fans, but has probably come to late to rescue this missed opportunity.

As for the video getting pulled and then a different version being released, the way things are going at EMI lately, I can only assume that the tea lady uploaded the wrong version!




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12 08 2008

i think the end looks a bit different , but i don’t know what

12 08 2008
The Impossible Princess

Gosh you guys are shy!

This post has been viewed nearly 1000 times and only one comment!

Have your say, or just say hi, we don’t bite!

Dave 🙂

12 08 2008

I think that the difference is at the end when Kylie appears with the dress she’s wearing in the first part and where you can see the “love me love me” written in blue 😉

12 08 2008

I finally got it!!!! “come on and let yourself feel the need in me oh oh” Here is the change just in the “oh oh” part!!!! 🙂

12 08 2008
The Impossible Princess

Thanks to Lidia-Lozanos at the SpiceHeart forum who has grabbed screen shots of some of the differences between the two versions – one of which is the one you spotted TheOneKylieGirl.

Click HERE to check out the screen shots – version 1 is on the left and version 2 on the right.

13 08 2008

i looked at the screen shots and i prefer version too it has more colour

13 08 2008

Hey wait… I’ve never seen the version 1, the version 2 is the one KylieUSA has uploaded on YouTube and that’s the only version I have seen o_o

But the ver 2 is better, it has got more color 😛

15 08 2008

I like the colour in it more, version 1 was a bit more boring.

21 08 2008
Samara is KylieKrazy

I love both versions! Although Dennis is right, version 2 has more color. I’m in love with this song and video! Its fun its kool, its KYLIE!!!

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