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20 08 2008

Hi guys. Sorry about the lack of posts over the last few days, I’ve been a bit under the weather.  Normal service will be resumed shortly, but in the meantime check out two of Kylie’s beautiful performances from the recent 4Music broadcast of the KYLIEX2008 concert.



I’ve also added six new ‘The One’ avatars to the KYLIE AVATAR ARCHIVE.




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20 08 2008

20 08 2008

Get well soon!

20 08 2008

i love flower i listen to it everyday

20 08 2008

The One avatars are awesome!

20 08 2008
Samara is KylieKrazy

Hope you feel better honey! The site keeps getting better and better each day! Love The One avatars! You are amazing!

21 08 2008

I hope you get to feeling better soon!

I visit your site daily!

Please I love Kylie, but I live in the USA. I was unable to watch KylieX2008 😦 and my computer makes me re-connect every 4 hours. Is there anyway you can post the Ipod Video of the broadcast as a torrent? I think its 700-800MB!!!

Please it sucks living where there’s no Kylie!!!!

My parents won’t let me get DSL or Broadband, so I have to download at 5kbps!!!

21 08 2008

I didn’t get to watch it on 4Music!
We don’t get the music channels.

I hope you get better soon, I’ve been missing all the Kylie updates!

Im defo buying the DVD whenever it comes out – hopefully by christmas?
Any other videos you could get your hands on of her 4Music broadcast would be much appreciated!

21 08 2008

Wow, just watched the two videos (I hadn’t watched them yet on my last post).
They are really good quality!

I love her dress (L)

22 08 2008
The Impossible Princess

Hi guys,

Firstly I wanted to say thanks for all your get well comments & emails, much appreciated.

Regarding the clips from the 4Music broadcast of X2008, I was reluctant to post too many HQ videos as it will be getting an official DVD release later this year.

Dave 🙂

24 08 2008

To anyone that doesn’t have the music channels or is outside the UK, Channel 4 is broadcasting ‘Kylie X Tour’. The TV guide says it is 2 hours long, but I don’t think it is showing the whole of it.

And Channel 4 has 4oD on the internet, where you can watch programs on demand. So if you want to watch it, get onto and download 4oD so you can watch it!

I just noticed, I have posted a LOT on this page..

24 08 2008
The Impossible Princess

Thanks Beth,

Just to confirm, KYLIEX2008 will be broadcast today at 4:40pm on Channel 4 & 5:40pm on Channel 4+1.

The show will also be available in HD if you have this facility.


24 08 2008

When you’re able to, would love to have audio posts of SPEAKERPHONE complete w/intro if u can, and anything else from the X show would be awesome…AMAZING SITE!

28 08 2008

Hey i just wanted to say that this site is the best i have wanted flower since i saw kylie on tour and now i have it thanks to you. Your the ONE (lol) Kylie is the best woop so much stuff on here for me to grab thanks again!!

1 09 2008

Me once again i watched x2008 on 4music again last nite and realised how much i loved slow live especially cos it had bits of Free in it too. so would it be possible tht you made this into an mp3 pls pls pls. And do you know if there will be a live cd of this tour i so hope there is cos it was simpy amazin and i wanna be able to relive it in my car like i did showgirl!!!!

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