Kylie Is Voted Most Kissable

8 09 2008

Kylie has been voted the woman most Brits would like to snog in a recent survey commissioned by Phyto Shield toothpaste. Over 2,000 people were surveyed and Kylie beat Kate Middleton to the title of the woman most blokes would like to lock lips with. David Beckham topped the mens list, followed by his Man United replacement Cristiano Ronaldo.

Losers in the kiss survey were Amy Winehouse and Peter Doherty – apparently neither got a single vote.

According to the survey results;

Most men want to kiss : Kylie Minogue, Kate Middleton & Sienna Miller
Most women want to kiss : David Beckham, Cristiano Ronaldo & Russell Brand.

Kylie’s lips also came a close second in a recent survey by lip-balm manufacturer Blistex when she was pipped at the post by Keira Knightley in a poll of the world’s best pouts.

Article supplied by Bethany Fulks




4 responses

8 09 2008
Samara is KylieKrazy

Kylie has got the sexiest EVERYTHING!!!

8 09 2008

HAHA that is cute. good for her 😀

9 09 2008

Nice photos where do you find all these pictures Dave 😛

11 09 2008
The Impossible Princess

Hi Dennis,

Those pictures are actually quite old – several years at least – I just thought they fitted well with the article.

Dave 🙂

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