KylieKrazy Update

10 09 2008

I recently set up a new Kylie fan site listing called KylieKrazy to try and fill the gap that was left when KylieMania sadly closed it’s doors earlier in the year. KylieKrazy has now been live for only six weeks but already has 25 members, so if you haven’t had chance to check it out yet, there are some really great fan sites on there.

Anyone who has a Kylie web space is welcome to apply – except Social networking sites like mySpace and Facebook, which unfortunately don’t work – so if you’ve got a site you’d like to share please feel free to add it to the listing.

To celebrate the quarter century of members I’ve given the site a total makeover, so if you’re a regular user, please let me know what you think of the new look.

You can check out the site by clicking HERE.



One response

10 09 2008
Samara is KylieKrazy

Looking Good! Real Good!!!

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