Alan Carr: “I Gobbed On Kylie”

30 09 2008

With his hit Channel 4 show Celebrity Ding Dong back for another series on the 10th of October, Alan Carr says that he’s got used to working with famous people. However during an interview for Radio 1 earlier today Alan admitted that when he met Kylie backstage at one of her recent concerts he was star struck.

“I went to see Kylie’s gig and I’m sitting there and get a tap on the shoulder and they say Kylie would like to meet you backstage.” he explained. “So I’m dead nervous

and go into her dressing room and she pretends to lift her glasses, does an impression and says, ‘It’s me, Alan’. That’s absolutely amazing, I just can’t imagine Kylie sitting there in her gold hot pants watching the telly.

“I’ve met her a few times. I talked to her very drunkenly at the Brits and I swear I gobbed on her face because I was so drunk. Not deliberately, but you know when a bit comes out – spittle it’s called.” Alan also revealed that Kylie is on his wish list of celebrity co-hosts for his other Channel 4 show, The Sunday Night Project.

Kylie is no stranger to comedy with several cameo appearances under her belt. She appeared as herself in an episode of The Vicar Of Dibly with Dawn French, played Kim’s daughter Epponnee in an episode of the hit Australian comedy Kath & Kim and yesterday recorded a cameo appearance for a new BBC3 sketch show, Horne & Corden.

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3 responses

30 09 2008

Haha that’s funny 😀 oh and Kylie looks great!!

1 10 2008
Samara is KylieKrazy

She’s a doll!

1 10 2008

OMG im sucj an idoit i thought he actually spat on her on purpose , but im ok now i cant wait for the comedy sketch to air and i dontbeleive kylie said “ITS ME ALAN ” lol

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