Kylie In Hello Magazine

14 10 2008

In this week’s edition of Hello magazine Kylie talks about her X2008 tour, the pressures of being one of the most photographed women in the country and what she would have done if she hadn’t been a singer.

On being one of the most photographed women in the country;

“I’m like most other women in that I still have wardrobe crisis. Although I’m photographed in so many different outfits, I still have a few ‘uniforms’ – certain combinations are tried and tested and simply can’t be beaten.”

On the pressures of her KYLIEX2008 tour;

“I couldn’t actually say last September ‘I’ll do a tour for a year long’, I had to do it in increments. That has really worked. It has been broken up into phases, we’ll have our break and then everyone will be excited to see each other again.

“Initially when we were planning the tour we were thinking of keeping it very minimal and streamlined… That didn’t happen!”

On turning 40 earlier this year;

“At lease I’m actually 40 because it seems 6 months before I turned 40, I became ‘Kylie Minogue – 40’. It was like, ‘Guys, can you let me enjoy my 39th year?’ It’s difficult to age with dignity in the pop business but I’d like to think I’ve managed it so far.”

On what she would have done if she hadn’t been a singer;

“I would have concentrated on acting. I think as long as I have performance and creativity I am Happy. I also have a love of photography and graphics so I might have been tempted to go down that path.

“A great dream of mine is to be in a film musical. I’ve always loved this genre and know that it would be such a fun challenge. It would incorporate so many different aspects af what I already do.”

And finally, Kylie’s motto;

“My motto would be to find harmony. To achieve balance in life and be true to yourself.”

You can read the full interview in this weeks Hello magazine.




11 responses

14 10 2008

this is so kylie
getting the mag tomoz

14 10 2008

omg kylie is so hot in this go kylie we love you and you are the best gosh kylie is amazing totally cool !!!!!!!!!!!!!


p.s or young queen of pop ;D

14 10 2008

oh yeah me getting the mag tomoz too totally i mean why wouldn’t i ahhhhh its so amazing!!!!!!!!

14 10 2008

^ totally agree
she cant be queen yet but her music is more better

14 10 2008


14 10 2008
Samara is KylieKrazy

Kylie will always be queen to me!

14 10 2008
ilove kylie!

god she looks amazing:)

14 10 2008

Take away the air brushing and she wouldn’t look that good.

14 10 2008

“My motto would be to find harmony. To achieve balance in life and be true to yourself.”

I love her attitude on life. Easier said than done tho xD

14 10 2008

She is so great!!!!!! And of course she is better than Madonna! Kylie is the true queen 😀

20 11 2008

Can someone please scan in Duffy from this same mag?

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