Kylie Supports Will’s Undies

15 10 2008

Kylie was out in London last night to support her ‘gay husband’ William Baker at the launch of his new underwear label B-Boy.

Denise Van Outen and David Furnish also turned up to the glamorous event, which took place at trendy nightspot Shadow Lounge, just off Old Compton street in Soho. As you might expect, there were lots of scantily clad muscle men modelling the revealing underwear.

Kylie was also snapped later on in the evening leaving the swanky Cipriani restaurant in Davies Street.




9 responses

15 10 2008

William’s gay? lol I had no idea

15 10 2008
Samara is KylieKrazy

Go Will! do your thing baby!

15 10 2008

I hope he doesn’t design his undies like he “designed” the new Kylie… I mean no offence, I love Kylie and I think she’s astonishing but Will Baker screwed some things up, like EMI :S

15 10 2008

One more thing… 😀

I did not mean that Will screwed up EMI, I mean’t that EMI could’ve done alot better on promotions, marketing, etc…

15 10 2008

WOW Kylie looks soooo hot! As always elegant, and looking like 10 years younger comparing to the X period. She is all fresh and stylish!
Go Kylie!
& Go Willie!

15 10 2008

Go Will!

Kylie looks amazing, as usual!
Why is there a close up of her ring? Its a very nice ring.. but, why?

Has anyone noticed how Will has a really wierd nose? If anyone has seen the film White Diamond, where they are in her dressing room taking photos on her Mac on Photobooth, well he has a reeeaallyy wierd nose in it.

16 10 2008

you go girl (william)
do your thing

and kylie work ed her outfit again

17 10 2008

Yeah and…

Kylie looks awesome, she looks like she’s 16. With the upper body of an adult 😀

17 10 2008

Who’s underwear is under there? Well, now we know. 🙂

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