Kylie Chats With Hamish & Andy

20 10 2008

Kylie appeared on Australian radio station Fox FM this weekend and was interviewed by Hamish & Andy. Keep reading to listen to the interview.

Hamish & Andy – Part 1
Hamish & Andy – Part 2

Audio clips courtesy of SayHey.




9 responses

20 10 2008

i love those Aussie accents! That was awesome, they are all so funny! Unlikely or Highly Minogue! hahaha!

20 10 2008

love the interview

20 10 2008

thank god she doesnt pee int he pool

21 10 2008

Nice one! This site is better than the official one for the latest news/interviews.

21 10 2008
The Impossible Princess

Thanks Bazh, glad you enjoy the site – it takes up a lot of my spare time now so it’s always great to get positive feedback.

Dave 😉

22 10 2008

Here’s more positive then Dave – have to agree, this site is brilliant for current info – a hot click in my favourites listing – fantastic… Needing an update on news? – come straight here – needs to lift the game! Who needs spare time anyway..?!

22 10 2008
Blake is kylielover10

i agree with bazh
this is way better than the official


22 10 2008
The Impossible Princess

Nice one guys!

Your comments are much appreciated!

Dave 🙂

21 12 2008

“Please do not walk on the monument” haha!!
This is an awesome post for all who didn’t get a chance to hear this interview live on air! The quality’s very good! Well done! 😀

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