X – Limited Asian Tour Edition

6 11 2008

X - Limited Asian Tour Edition

A second limited tour edition of X will be released for the Asian market. This edition will comprise of 1 CD containing the standard X tracks plus 4 extras and 1 DVD containing various X goodies.

01. 2 Hearts
02. Like A Drug
03. In My Arms
04. Speakerphone
05. Sensitized
06. Heart Beat Rock
07. The One
08. No More Rain
09. All I See
10. Stars
11. Wow
12. Nu-di-ty
13. Cosmic
Bonus tracks:
14. All I See featuring Mims
15. Magnetic Electric
16. Can’t Get You Out Of My Head -Greg Kurstin Remix
17. The One – Freemasons Remix

01. 2 Hearts -Video
02. Behind the scenes of 2 Hearts
03. Wow – Video
04. Behind the scenes of Wow
05. In My Arms – Video
06. Behind the scenes of In My Arms
07. Wow – Live at The Brits 2008 [TBC]

Although I think this edition has a better track listing than the Australian version, there is still nothing on it that links it to the tour?

The album is scheduled for release on the 25th of November and is available for pre-order on the following sites:





7 responses

7 11 2008

Why Parlophone’s doing huge mistakes ?
I mean..Both of the tour edition are perfect as packages but the inside is useless.
A true tour edition for me would be :

1)Not the standard tracks from X..At least not all..NEW remixes would be great in some songs like 2 Hearts,Like A Drug,In My Arns,Speakerphone,The One,Wow and Nu-di-ty. Or alternative mixes..I’m sure they exist.
2 )As bonus tracks are good the “Canโ€™t Get You Out Of My Head -Greg Kurstin Remix” and “Magnetic Electric..but not the others. They forgot Rippin’ Up The Disco .. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
This song is so WOW and they buried it.. Kylie should had release it as single..It’s an excellent song about the new wave thing that Kylie is following.
3) Studio versions of : Boombox (another buried super song,at least she’s using a few line as intro) Ruffle My Feathers (great !) , Flower(very emotional) and White Diamond( super!!!) from Showgirl Homecoming.

I think this would be the perfect official ultimate tour edition for X..Shame cause Kylie rocks.

7 11 2008
Samara is KylieKrazy

I have to agree with you DisCoTeCa_BoY its beautiful artwork but remixes that have been out for months already! where is WoW DJ Rokk Pixel 82 remix and All I See Proper House Mix? Magnetic Electric and Rippin Up The Disco? Flower and Ruffle My Feathers? i almost ordered this from eil a few days ago but i already ordered the Australian edition which will never see my cd player because i too have all those remixes! oh well i wish i would have waited and got this one instead but hell i’ll get it anyway. Hey! there is also a Japanese Edition called Kylie’s Remixes 2008 cd coming too! maybe we will see something new on that one!

7 11 2008

Hello Samara i’m happy you agree with me ! ๐Ÿ™‚
I’ve searched eil.com and i want to ask you something cause it seems you have ordered items from there..It’s reliable ? I mean as a site..
I found many super trouper items !
I want them all !

7 11 2008
Samara is KylieKrazy

eil is very reliable and i highly recommend them and yes they have Super items! Especially Kylie memorabilia. i’ve had only great shopping experiences when ordering from them but unfortunately they can be very over priced with things, for example this Asian tour edition is like $43 on eil where Amazon has it for $20. You have to shop around when you buy something, i have found amazing deals on ebay and amazon but eil is a great online store.

7 11 2008

I see…I’ve searched and you’re right !
But eil has more items and rare things than e-bay and amazon..so some more euros or dollars worth for them !
Jeez ! I found Ultimate Kylie Interview Disc..Does anyone have it ?
I want it !

7 11 2008
Samara is KylieKrazy

Now that is rare, i’ve only seen 2 on ebay, eil has loads of rarities!

9 11 2008

Well, this is a good listing! However, they should include also “The One” & “All I See” music video on the dvd. And maybe a new interview with Kylie included will be great too!

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