You Are There – Unreleased Track

12 11 2008


The beautiful ballad You Are There appeared as part of the audio track for Kylie’s docu-movie White Diamond. Keep reading to listen to the track.

Thanks to Leolo at SayHey.

P.S. Sorry for the lack of posts over the last week, my broadband has been down!




23 responses

12 11 2008
sebastien vasseur

itΒ΄s just… beautiful!!! I love it!!!

13 11 2008

It’s beautiful, kinda like from a Disney movie πŸ™‚

13 11 2008
Samara is KylieKrazy

I love that song, those ballads from White Diamond are so beautiful, thanks Dave!

13 11 2008

What about “Alone Again” that was awesome too.

13 11 2008

i love this and all the other ballads from white diamond. dave is there any chance u can get hold of the others. and does any1 know if there will be a live cd of x2008 cos i reli want one lol

13 11 2008

i love this song to bits , all of th songs from white diamond are great , i think sh eshow relase this or she should let it be a downlaod thing

13 11 2008

Hey, I loved this song when I first heard it on the White Diamond doco, how can I get hold of it? Been wanting the full version for a while.

13 11 2008

You are just awesome posting this song here!!
I’ve loved it in White Diamond and soo wanted to have it, same with “Alone again”.. Is it possible to download it somewhere?

13 11 2008

wow! nice! Sounds a bit like a Broadway song.
As it been released somewhere? And all the others like White diamond, ballad and disco version?

14 11 2008

Simply Love It ❀ ❀ ❀

14 11 2008

Hi thanks for this song and your site web for kylie ..
is it possible to download this song somewhere?
lot of thanxxxxxxxx

14 11 2008

Oooh please is there a way to download it somewhere? just love it!!
(hope someone can tell me where to have this beautiful song)
btw your site is great, go on with the great job! πŸ˜‰

16 11 2008

yeah, thanks:) for the song an for the site!

5 01 2009

I love this, just been looking through all of the posts trying to find so I can download it again, my laptop crashed recently and I lost all of my files 😦

5 01 2009

Whaa, it won’t download!
I’m using Realplayer, but it just keeps downloading the little video clip of the speaker and the play/pause button coming out.

5 01 2009
The Impossible Princess

Hi Bethany,

If you fill in the email address box with your comment (it won’t be published) I’ll send you a copy.

Dave πŸ˜€

13 01 2009
Spike Junior

This is a re-recording of this song., The one from the movie is slighty different. Would love this version! it is beautiful. I wonder if she was thinking about Michael when she sang it?

25 09 2009
John Ryan

Hi there! Thanks for putting this song up! Any chance you can send me an mp3 of it? I’de love to play it on my headphones. You are the best!

12 10 2009

any chance of geting a link to download this or something? this is one of the most beautiful vocals from her, it sounds so honest and wonderful.

I love Kylie singing this songs, she should do an album or a special live show of this jazz songs.
do you have her version for i’m hip or try your wings too?

20 02 2010
john smirthwaite

will you send me a copy please and anything else from the movie please

30 03 2010
Glenn Hogarth

Hey Dave
love this track so much, have been looking for it for eva
would you be kind enough to send it to me also
cheers Dave in advance

11 05 2010
Kieran Pearson


Could you please email me this track. It’s brilliant, brilliant, brilliant.



2 08 2010

What a lovely song. Might I have the mp3 file? Please. I’ve been looking for it for a long time, and it’s almost impossible to find it.

I’ll thank you a lot. I’m writting from Mexico,


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