Official KYLIEX2008 DVD Trailer

14 11 2008


Freemantle have released the official trailer for the KYLIEX2008 tour DVD which goes on sale in the UK on the 1st of December 2008. Keep reading to check it out.



10 responses

14 11 2008
ilove kylie!

Great trailer cant wait for it to come out:D


14 11 2008

The trailer is great.
Hum… seems weird to me, why are they only talking about a UK release? Does someone knows a bit more about it?

14 11 2008


14 11 2008

I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas morning… 🙂

14 11 2008
Samara is KylieKrazy

I can’t wait to get it! It looks amazing! Thank You Dave!

14 11 2008

Please tell me there’s gonna be an international release date too… 😦

Otherwise I gotta buy it from, maybe I’ll buy a new Like A Drug hoodie the one I have is WAY too big 😀

15 11 2008
Humberto Giffoni

Nossa mal posso esperar pra ter esse show nas minhas mãos…

17 11 2008
The Impossible Princess

There’s a real buzz around the release of this DVD – the trailer I posted has been watched over 1000 times in just 3 days!

26 11 2008

where can I pre-order it???? please help me!!!

15 12 2008
sam Jones

Related to the UK Release:

Here’s a link to the Sun Newspapers Kylie fan interview, organized to celebrate the new DVD release…

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