A Work Of Passion

17 11 2008

Semi professional artist Robert Pewsey has combined his passion for sculpture with his admiration of Kylie and created a truly impressive result. The life-sized statue, which Robert has been working on in his spare time for over a year, is inspired by Kylie’s Spinning Around video and depicts her wearing those famous gold hot-pants.

“I chose to base the statue on the Spinning Around video so that it would look good from all angles.” Robert joked. “I hope to have her finished within the next few months. I would love to see her cast in bronze and on public display, maybe she could be an angel of the South?”

Robert, who is a member of The Guild Of Erotic Artists, has been creating cold cast (bronze/resin) sculptures on a semi professional basis for over 20 years. “I’ve been commissioned to create portrait busts in the past, and more recently to produce a collection of small sculptures for the Talbot Trail around Sudbury.” Robert explained. “I wanted to try something bigger, a life-sized figure. As I’ve always been a fan Kylie seemed the obvious choice, everyone loves her – plus she’s quite small.”

Based in the village of Glemsford in Suffolk, Robert works from a small home studio which he shares with his wife Julia who has her own pet portrait business. “I don’t mind sharing the studio with Kylie – the three of us are very happy.” Julia joked. “I’ve got used to Kylie looking over my shoulder now, she’s like one of the family!”

Unfortunately, after receiving quotes from several art foundries, ranging from Β£10,000 to Β£15,000 Robert’s ambition to have the finished statue cast in bronze is beyond his budget. “I’m hoping to find an organisation or fan(s) who can afford to help me complete my dream.” he explained.

A life-sized bronze statue of Kylie was unveiled in her home town of Melbourne in November 2007 as part of the Variety Entertainers of the Century display. The sculpture, which took Australian artist Peter Corlett three months to fashion was posed for by a body double and was inspired by Kylie’s Showgirl tour. Corlett said that he wanted to create a piece that represented the ‘ultimate Kylie’.


In October 2007 several UK newspapers ran article’s claiming that a ‘loyal team of Kylie’s fans’ had applied to Westminster City Council for planning permission to have a statue of Kylie wearing her famous hot-pants inserted in an arch over Old Compton Street in London. “If this is true then it strikes me that I may have exactly what these guys are looking for.” Robert told us. “I just have no way to find out who they are or how to contact them.”

If you think that you might be able to assist Robert with the casting of his statue you can contact him directly on robpewsey@aol




18 responses

17 11 2008

wow Kylie looks sooo good, great job!! Much better than the Australian bronze sculptor. Hope they will be able to have it done.
though if I can give a little critic, it seems to me that Kylie’s hips, upper legs, and bottom are quite large. ^^
Anyway congrats Robert for the professional and talented work! πŸ˜‰

17 11 2008

wow:) that’s divine! though the face is a bit rude here, not smiley Kylie’s grin … love it still ❀

18 11 2008
Sam R

Wow – that is just amazing!

It would be great if you could find somebody to help you cast it.

Good luck πŸ™‚

18 11 2008

It just take my breath away….AMAZING!!!

18 11 2008

Hi Robert

Well, what can I say? Fantastic sculpture!!!!! You have moulded Kylie from plasticine to perfection! Well Done!!!!!!!!


18 11 2008
Samara is KylieKrazy

Its an amazing statue, though the face could be a little more softer maybe but its a great sculpture! Excellent work!

19 11 2008

Brilliant! So much better than the official one πŸ™‚

19 11 2008



22 11 2008

incredible work, I’ve been working on a miniature model/sculpture of Kylie over the last few years, so I can only begin to understand the magnitude of such a project.

the body is spot on, he’s got all the Kylie trademark bodily features perfect – need I say more….. πŸ˜‰ As for the face, it’s always difficult to determine how close it is, unless the facial features are coloured. Might be surprising how close he is if he decided to paint the model. In fact, I’d prefer to see this one painted rather than cast in bronze. Bronze doesn’t bring life to the model – colour would bring that model to life!

23 11 2008
Rob Pewsey

If we can get her cast, you can all a have a go!! – but remember to polish off the finger prints !!!. Form an orderly queue, after dark only. LOL

23 11 2008
Keith C

Its a very good figer of Kylie however I will say, very like the bronze sculptor in Melbourne, it dosent cast Kylie in a very flattering light. Like the Melbourne one, her face looks very harsh, not the pretty face of Kylie we all know and love. Also, I dont think dressing her have naked is appropriate for a public sculptor, perhaps a more classic dress would have been kinder to Kylie, rather then hot pants. It makes me wonder, is this an honnor to Kylie or a sexual outlet of the artist.

23 11 2008
Keith C

Ooopps mis-spelled, ment HALF naked, not have naked πŸ™‚

23 11 2008
Rob Pewsey

Hi Keith, I’m sorry you think the face is too harsh, I’ve tried to capture her with a hint of a smile, rather than “all teeth” as she’s usually photographed. I guess I could do some more work around her eyes to soften things a bit.
Regarding her dress, I remember a lot of people in the press being very disapointed when the statue in Melbourne was unveiled, that she wasn’t wearing her hot pants. – You can’t please all the people all the time

30 11 2008

Hi Rob!

Your Kylie looks fantastic! I wished such a statue would be here in Hanover.
Won’t you put it up in my city? ; )

1 12 2008
Rob Pewsey

Hi Nina,
Thankyou for our comments. I would love the statue to be in Hanover, at the moment I’m just trying to find anyone who can afford to have her cast. I only work in a local factory, so it’s abit beyond my budget. Having spent so long making her I’m determined to have her cast. – she now has a slightly softer face, keep watching the web sites for updates on progress.
Thanks again. Rob

2 12 2008

You’re welcome! : )

22 06 2015

wow would be nice to have a kylie statue in the uk its lovley πŸ˜‰

22 06 2015

i put a wink instead of a smile lol

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