Kylie Chats To Molly In Bangkok

26 11 2008

Yesterday morning Australian show Sunrise aired an interview that Molly Meldrum recorded with Kylie when he caught up with her after her Bangkok show. During the interview Kylie talks about her amazing year so far, her plans for Christmas and bringing her KYLIEX2008 tour home to Oz in December. Keep reading to watch the interview.

Kylie chats to Molly Meldrum



7 responses

26 11 2008

Was she able to get out of Bangkok safely with all that trouble at the airport?

26 11 2008

i wish i cud see her again she was so good. but then again ive pre-ordered my dvd for monday so cant wait for that!! Just wanted to make a litle mention for Dannii too does anyone else feel for her on xfactor i think louis was so out of order the other night. i so hope her act Ruth wins to show the others. I think Dannii is the best thing on that show!

26 11 2008
ilove kylie!

Hope She Tours Again!!! and brings a new album out next year!!!


26 11 2008
Samara is KylieKrazy

I wish she would bring her tour to the USA, well i guess i’ll just have to wait for my dvd in the mail, LOVE YOU KYLIE!

26 11 2008

i hate louis

anyway kylie is amaxzing cant wait for dvd

27 11 2008

i wish they showed more of this interview! IT WAS SOO GOOD!

29 11 2008

Hi everyone!

I’m Nina from Germany and i love this blog!!!
Sorry, maybe my English is not so good…I’m still learning the language at school.

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