Lhuna Released For World Aids Day

2 12 2008

Lhuna artwork by Kane

Kylie’s much anticipated duet with Coldplay entitled ‘Lhuna’ is finally available to download as part of the launch of (RED)WIRE music services, which will donate half of your payment to help fight HIV/Aids in Africa.

You can download the track digitally by signing up to charity organisation (RED)WIRE which costs you just $5 a month to join, allowing you to download an exclusive music track from a big name artist each week.


Other artists who have contributed to the site which was launched as part of World Aids Day yesterday include U2,  Elton John, The Killers, Sheryl Crow, John Legend, & Jay-Z. As part of the $5 monthly fee, you’ll receive new tunes every Wednesday, and half of the fee will go towards the Global Fund to fight Aids.




10 responses

2 12 2008

Dave, there might be something wrong with the download. The sound quality is terrible (static, dragging audio, and it sounds underwater).

2 12 2008
The Impossible Princess

Hi Michael,

There seems to be some audio play-back issue with Internet Explorer at the moment even though it plays fine using Firefox.

Anyway, I’ve replaced the audio version with the video version which seems to work fine on both platforms.

Let me know if you are still having problems.

Dave 🙂

2 12 2008

i wish i could download it but my mum hate me downloading

oh well ill just cum on here and listen to it

love the song anyway
kylie sings most of it dont ya think

2 12 2008
Samara is KylieKrazy

Nice song very different from what Kylie usually sings don’t know much about Coldplay though, is this what Coldplay normally does? anybody know?

2 12 2008

Hi Samara!

I don’t listen to Coldplay songs normally, but I liked their last song Viva la vida.
A few minutes ago I found a coldplay fansite with the lyrics of Lhuna : )

Does anyone know if the song will be released as a CD, too?
Love the song! Love KYLIE!!!

2 12 2008
Samara is KylieKrazy

Hi Nina! I think the song is going to be on Coldplays next album but i think that wont be until next year. Coldplay covered Kylie’s Can’t Get You Out Of My Head in 2005 Glastonbury its on ouTube its a great performance!

3 12 2008
Mark Varner

The song was intended to be on the Viva la Vida release, but was left off. I heard it was because Coldplay considered it “too sexy” and that was not the kind of band they were trying to be. Uh, sorry. Not sexy – except for the fact that Kylie is singing on it. To each his or her own, of course, but Coldplay leaves me… well, cold.

If it the link here didn’t work for you it’s all over YouTube and you can hear it there.

3 12 2008

I don’t really like it, I just can’t get into it.

I prefer Kylies other songs and Cold Plays other songs.

3 12 2008
The Impossible Princess

It’s not my favourite Kylie track either, but it’s still a great way to support a really important cause!

Dave 😉

5 12 2008

Okay, so I’m a bit late responding to this one… I am a Coldplay fan, as well as a Kylie fan; and to shed some light on Samara’s questions: I think this song is a little less rock and different from what Coldplay typically turns out. This song lacks the guitar rifts and piano/keyboard work that has become a bit of Coldplay’s signature. Not to say that Coldplay’s music all sounds the same — it doesn’t. Each of their albums has a different and distinctive sound, but can still be easily recognized as Coldplay. I think Lhuna is definitely a unique track and is more about Kylie than Coldplay. Chris Martin has obviously taken a back seat on this one — if you listen to any of Coldplay’s music, you’ll understand what I’m saying. I wouldn’t call this a “duet” in any way. I would say it’s Kylie with Chris on back-up and Coldplay just happens to be the accompanying band. I think Kylie’s voice makes the song sound a bit enchanting, but I could do without Chris’ droning in the background.

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